September 20th, 2011

NEWScoop: A Reputation, a Trial, Authority’s Crush, Classy Gold, and More Food

DFW Members of Congress Tarnish State’s Pure Reputation
Eddie Bernice Johnson and Joe Barton are distinguished as less than favorable by a Washington group calling themselves CREW. They’ve come up with a list of the most corrupt in Congress. Out of 19 spots, we hold two. It’s about proportional to our states population growth, so that’s good… Visit TexasWatchdog for more on this story.

There was a Trial in Houston
A man with a face and a steady set of hands was set free after having been accused of unnecessary roughness with life mate v4.0. Details are sticky. Rumors of gold digging abound. Tears were shed. An anklet was removed. Good thing too—Fall’s nearly here and that’s a Summer accessory… Visit HoustonChonicle for more on this story.

Fire Department Crushes on Person of Interest
Video of a man at his apartment is leading authorities to an investigation in Houston. All that’s known is that the man obtained boots and a radio from two different Fire Departments. Charges of theft seem likely. The continued watching of video footage seems unrelated… Visit KHOU for more.

Your Fancy Neighborhood Makes My Gold Resale Shop Look Classy
One gold and silver buyer in Northwest Houston is fed up with well to do customers loitering in his shop. “Sure, they bring in most of my revenue, but their presence negates the overall shady credentials that ‘the wrong class of people’ look for.”… Visit ABC13 for more on this story.

Preserve History by Erasing its Significance
Trader Joe’s, a popular grocery chain that operates seemingly everywhere but Texas, has set its high priced food selling eyes on the old Alabama Theatre. Would it be too much trouble to hold out for another tenant? Perhaps a business that offers more than just food? We have enough of that… Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

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