March 16th, 2012

NEWScoop: A Street Art Blemish, Giant iPhones, H-Town Drivers, Market Ashes, Political Paradox and Sick Women

Street Art or a Blemish on Houston
Whether or not you support it is irrelevant. Some street art is better off pressure washed. You know the type, tagging for tagging’s sake, a couple of letters or a name? No detail. No care. No thought. No message. Visit ABC13 for more.

Seriously? It’s Just a Giant iPhone.
Appleophiles crowded sidewalks and storefronts last night for the latest hallowed iCampout. Many campers twittered hourly updates (“I’m sitting, waiting … Still sitting, still waiting.”) in an effort to keep us informed that they would soon, very soon, be in possession of the latest-greatest iPad and therefore be vastly superior to the rest of us. Visit TheChron for more.

Houston’s Drivers Suck
I’ve been saying it for years, although I’d usually convince myself otherwise. I’d rationalize that every large city had an abundance of drivers willing to cut you off, tailgate and hit and run without hesitation. We’re a novelty, folks. Take that to the body shop. Visit ABC13 for more.

Market Burns, Flea Casualties Unknown
Fire broke out at the White Elephant Flea Market in East Houston overnight, destroying a warehouse full of antique furniture. Local reporters arrived on scene, drawn to the shiny HFD lights, but soon lost interest upon learning that there were no casualties. Residents say it’s a loss for the neighborhood. Reporters aren’t buying it. Visit Click2Houston for more.

Libertarians, Political Paradox
Ron Paul and Libertarians have been downers on the state of the country. Paul’s never been a realistic 3rd party candidate, even running Republican. Let’s face it, he’s no TR. Now, as defeat is imminent, his backers find the good in a bleak situation. “It does seem like this is a real step forward…” Visit KHOU for more.

Sick Women Get Screwed
Federal funding for the Texas Medicare Women’s Health Program is no mas. But no worries; Governor Perry has called on state officials to magically produce 40 million bucks to replace the federal support. So… that’s sure to happen real soon.. Visit Click2Houston for more.

— The Loop Scoop


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