January 12th, 2012

NEWScoop: Brown Hands Herpes, The Adventures of Mosquito Man, 21 Angelton Street, Au de ToiJette, and Beyonce’s Bundle

Dr. Michael Brown Catches Break; Also Catches Herpes
Poor, poor Michael Brown. He just can’t keep his name out of the news and his herpes-ridden penis out of women (ALLEGEDLY!). A New York woman has filed suit against the man who started the former hand surgeon for intentionally giving her herpes. She filed suit under a pseudonym, but that shouldn’t be a surprise for Brown. Apparently he’s quite involved with the ladies who go by a different name at night. Visit Chron.com for more.

Mosquito Man Would Have Been a Better Fit
Marvel and Houston have a new hero: Scarlet Spider. The latest product from the comic magnates is an “imperfect clone” of Spiderman that hails from the city of Houston. Honestly, they would have been better off naming him “Mosquito Man” or “Massive Tree Roach Man” or “Traffic Jam Man.” Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

Angelton High Hosts Viral Marketing for 21 Jump Street?
It was a scene taken straight from the movies (or the original TV show, your choice) this week when an undercover police officer led his boys in blue to high school students who had been selling him drugs. Twelve former and current students found themselves in cuffs in all. Another win for Officer Tom Hanson (once again, your pick between Johnny Depp and a slimmed down Jonah Hill). Visit KHOU for more.

Continental Creates Fragrance Line; Tests on Flyer’s Baggage
If you’ve been wondering what all those fees for checked baggage go toward, a Houston man has the answer: Jet fuel. On a recent trip to Seattle he got the added bonus of Continental’s new fragrance line: Au de ToiJette (/pats self on back). Continental offered the man $100 dollars for the inconvenience, but is that enough to recover from having a plane take a leak in your bag? Visit Click2Houston for more.

Beyonce Has Baby, Gets Special Treatment… Um, Duh!
Blue Ivy Carter came into the world on Saturday but not without some others getting some worked up. As Beyonce gave birth to her baby girl, other neo-natal unit admittees sued the hospital for giving the singer and her husband Jay-Z special treatment. Both cases have been dismissed. Visit KHOU for more.

— Paul


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