January 30th, 2012

NEWScoop: Texas-style TSA, Cloning Cards, Lost in Limbo, Oil Wrestling and Exploring the Dark

Texas Style T.S.A.
Have you ever wondered what happens to the horses that don’t do so well at the Livestock Show & Rodeo? I mean, what career options does an unsuccessful show horse have in this kind of economy? Apparently, some are shipped off into labor for an unofficial airport security program. Volunteer equestrians are patrolling the perimeters of IAH, stopping “dangerous things” from happening. Dear God, dangerous things! With an obscurity like that and an organization name like the “Airport Rangers,” am I the only one who smells a Discovery Channel reality show in the making? Or is that just the aroma of the horses’ ordure? Visit Click2Houston for more.

Man Clones Cards, Lands Behind Bars
A 30-year old Plano man was arrested for stealing Walmart gift cards. He would purchase them, obtain the information number and security codes and then return them in perfect condition. Smart thinking using Walmart’s cards. The same scam at a movie theatre or hardware store just wouldn’t amount to much after a while. Visit KHOU for more.

Two American Pilots have been detained in Panama after one of their passengers was caught with millions of dollars in dirty money. The DEA says, “It wadn’t me.” Rep. Issa of Cal-i-for-ni-ahhh, says, “It were the DEA’s reckless attempt at using a double informant to get to higher ups in the laundering ring.” DEA to Issa, “It was our informant – yes, but he is playing us all.” Meanwhile our citizens remain with Cobb and Saito in Limbo. Visit TheChron for more.

Teachers as Politicians and Celebrities
The Florence Independent School District recently reprimanded a teacher for participating in the sport of oil wrestling. No, she wasn’t wearing clothing or apparel that in any way made her a representative of the school in that instance. Nonetheless, she was identified and outed in the local paper for having displayed behavior unbecoming of an educational authority. Visit KHOU for more.

Light and Sound Underground
The Chronicle’s Lisa Gray recently explored Houston’s long abandoned underground reservoir by Buffalo Bayou and Sabine Street. The magnificent subterranean cavern was originally built in 1927. It now stands deserted and with the exception of an inch of muddy water – dry. Judging by Mayra Beltrán’s photographs, it stands as a majestic hall with its towering columns, not unlike the Mines of  Moria, waiting to be put to use again. Visit TheChron for more.

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