September 21st, 2011

NEWScoop: Cold Stone Prison, Posers Pose, Jamaican Me Crazy and I Like Lamp

Stones for the Cold Stone of Prison Walls
Four men in Katy knocked off a convenience store with what might have been a water pistol. They reportedly asked for money, but by that time everyone else in the store realized what was happening, the robbers got nervous and fled with only a case of beer… Visit MyFoxNews for more on this story.

Posers Pose and Hose
Men calling themselves city utilities workers are lying to obtain entry into residences. After the lie is told, they steal. After they steal, they quietly slither out of the victim’s home. They then lie again trying to peddle the hot items to pawn shops and buyers of gold and silver… Visit ABC13 for more on this story.

Jamaican Crazy Ants to Pearland: All Your Base are Belong to Us
There’s a drought going on here in Houston, as a result, insects are seeking refuge in new territories. The Nylanderia pubens species infiltrates homes by tampering with the electrical system. If lights flicker, it’s not a storm, it’s merely a hint at what’s to come… Visit KHOU for more.

Hey, I Met Guy #4
Politics is like the Dating Game. I’m having to disqualify myself this year, because I already know the person hiding behind the curtain in the mystery man #4 slot. He was in disguise, though. Wearing glasses. He must teach at the Clark Kent School for Undercoverers as well… Visit Off the Kuff for more.

The Heights Liked Lamp
While getting a little exfoliating work done, Heights Blvd. found a way to show its true colors: Brick red. Bricks, my friends. Actual, real, solid bricks, were once used as street pavement devices. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that A/C once didn’t exist… Visit Swamplot for more.

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