November 21st, 2011

NEWScoop: Colons, Bombs, Warm Falls, Weak Inspectors, and Confederate Bans

Mozart and Cólon, Go Together Like Boson and Photon
Colonoscopies and the hunt for polyps are complex procedures. Classical music or more specifically, Mozart, might be the key to concentration and relaxation during these operations. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

Worse than that Time Tommy Used Road Flares
A man in La Porte held up a bank with an undisclosed device. I hope it was a clock taped to a wad of old cigars. I wouldn’t hand over my money for anything less. Would you? Visit KHOU for more.

If I Wanted a Warm Fall, I’d Live in Houston
It’s thicker than pea soup out there. What the funk?! Somehow, we deceive ourselves into thinking that we’re going to get cool weather in November. Every year we complain about how it’s 85 degrees the week of Thanksgiving. I’ll learn eventually. But, probably not this year. Why’s it so warm? Visit KHOU for more.

The City vs. the County, Who is the Weakest Inspector?
Harris County has been sniffing around the City of Houston’s dirty laundry. That’s odd. They’ve managed to find that the City is violating itself. That’s odd, too. How? They are not reprimanding unsafe restaurants after determining that they are, well, unsafe. “You keep that fish at room temp in its pork blood cabana pool—let us worry about the red tape.” Visit KHOU for more.

Germany Bans Swastika, Texas Bans Confederate Flag
The Civil War happened over 130 years ago, while, World War II ended just over 70 years after that. In 1945, all insignia affiliated with the Nazi Movement was banned under penalty of law by the Deutschland. Texas put the kibosh on personalized Confederate license plates just last week. That’s some lag. Visit TheChron for more.

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