March 23rd, 2012

NEWScoop: Cops Renting Rent-a-Cops, Chocolate and Slugworth, Not Visiting Houston, Moonrunners Caught and Lake Houston Shines

Cops Renting Rent-a-Cops is Like a Dream Within a Dream
It’s a radical notion. Will it be an Assistant to the Regional Manager type of thing? More than likely. The Sheriff’s Office claims these new “Boots on the Ground” (objectifying?) will merely perform the duties that legitimate police officers are unable to do, while gaining none of the power that comes with the badge. Sound familiar, Dwight? Visit TheChron for more.

Tejas Chocolate Ought to be Mindful of Slugworth
Scott Moore, Jr. and Michelle Holland have recently started their own Houston chocolate company. While they currently make their Cocoa concoctions on the side, they aspire to create full-time in a chocolate factory. Will they one day provide a tour in which the last remaining participant gets Tejas Chocolate? I can dream. Visit HoustonPress for more.

Houston—Nice Place to Live, but They Don’t Want to Visit
That’s yesterday’s Comment of the Day from Houstonian, Colleen over at Swamp Lot. She’s right, no one should ever feel the need to apologize for Houston. You don’t see it changing itself to fit in to some ideal. It’s going to remain much as it has. You adapt. You’re better for it. Visit SwampLot for more.

Dukes of New Chapel Hill a Step Behind Boss Hogg and Smith County
Uncle Jesse met his match in the Smith County Sheriff’s Office. His moonshine was confiscated. Charges are at this time uncertain. As for his niece, Daisy and two nephews, Bo and Luke, whether or not they were present at the time of the raid is not known. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

Lake Houston Wilderness Park Offers Cushy Camping
A-frame camping structures with screened windows and doors built upon a deck and cabins on trails—inconceivable. While most likely foreign, if not looked down on notions to the rugged outdoors seeker, it’s good news. Visit TheChron for more.

— The Loop Scoop


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