January 4th, 2012

NEWScoop: Crash Landing, ATM Stealing, Sedating, Fireplace Poker Swinging, and Watch Grabbing

Fly? Yes. Land? No.
Well, it doesn’t take mistakenly shooting your tail with a machine gun, to bring your plane down unexpectedly. Sometimes, things just go bad. A young woman flying night ops had to bring her aircraft down short of its destination onto a street in Conroe. Visit KHOU for more.

Comfortably Cool Makes for the Comfortably Numb
KHOU is predicting the mildest of mild temperature ranges through the rest of the week. That’s fine. I guess. This ain’t California though. Dear Aunt Weather, keep your ¬†sedative of perfect days in your bag of tricks and give us what we need; lots of rain. God sakes, there was another wildfire east of Houston. Visit¬†KHOU for more.

Man Caught Trying to Steal ATM, Should’ve Pulled at the Bottom
Mr. Valley of southeast Houston was caught on camera attempting to lift an ATM. Without any help, and clearly trying to pry it away from the top, he was bound to fail. Minutes later, he was apprehended and taken into custody. It’s probably for the best. Who knows what might’ve been waiting for him at home? Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

Ya Wanna Get Nuts? C’mon, Let’s Get Nuts.
That’s about the mood of a disgruntled ex-boyfriend. After he was delivered the news that he would no longer be courting his lover, he pulled a Keaton… or Cusak. Take your pick. Tossing possessions in a pool and exhibiting signs of stalker behavior aren’t going to help your case. Visit TheChron for more.

Smash and Grab, That’s Thief Lingo for Smash and Grab
This little story comes fully equipped with actual footage. Three men ran into a jewelry store in the Galleria, hooded, gloved, and masked. Identities are unknown. Police say the job took just one minute. Look closely. Visit TheChron for more.

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