November 3rd, 2011

NEWScoop: Cursed Tattoo, Pizza Delivery Ambush, Occupy Mor Chikin, Crooks Get a Bible Beating, Houston is Less Cute

What Dreams May Come of this Tattoo
Always a good sign when the national sports blogs pick up on your lunacy. A Texans “fan” got himself a tattoo predicting a Super Bowl victory. The “story” was picked up by the Chron and yesterday blessed the pages of Deadspin. At least it proves the fan chart incorrect… Actually, never mind. I’d rather not endorse this tattoo decision at all. Visit Deadspin for more.

Life Is Not Like the Movies
Here’s to hoping that HPD can find these criminals in 30 minutes or less. A Dominos delivery driver was ambushed by ne’er-do-wells in an attempted robbery in Southeast Houston. He was shot multiple times before driving away from the scene. Hopefully these criminals will be sentenced to a visit from Arnold’s Pizza Shop. Seriously, give these criminals the maximum possible sentence. Visit KHOU for more.

Occupy Mor Chikin
The 99% have a new goal: Free Chik-fil-a for a year. The system is failing us. Visit for more.

Houston: Less Cute, According to New Poll
The 100% finally agree on something. Houston will be a lot less cute in a few days when Toby, the Red Panda, goes home to the Cincinnati Zoo. Somebody get cracking on the task of bringing some more cute into town. Zooey Deschanel is newly single. That’s a grenade worth jumping on for the greater good. Visit for more.

Wouldbe Criminal Gets a Bible Beatin’
A Houston woman returning home after a Bible study found some thieves trying to rob her home. They got a Bible smackdown as she thwarted their attempted thievery. By the way “smackdown” means she called 911, the crooks fled and were caught by HPD 40 minutes later. No lightning bolts from above in this case. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

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