December 1st, 2011

NEWScoop: Dirty Sand, Cougar Brand, a Coaching Hero, the Life of a Zero, and a Refrigerator FAIL

If I Want Dirty Sand, I’ll Go to Galveston, Thank You Very Much
The Lupe Tortilla on 59;  just in front of Academy, has removed its dirty, bits of glass box in favor of expansion. There’s a facebook page in protest. No one cares. It seems most patrons are in agreement—to Galveston it is… Visit SwampLot for more.

Cougar Brand on Burger, in Beer
Some local bars you may or may not have checked out (Baker St. Pub & Grills and Watson House of Ales), will be sprucing up with sporty specials on Saturday. What for? Why, because Houston’s own Cougars will be hitting Southern Miss in the mouth at 11AM for the Conference USA Championship. It’s Cougar Red beer and a “UH” charred burger. How’s that for alumni support… Visit 29-95 for more.

Man Down, Man On
One basketball coach in Hitchock did not hesitate when he noticed his team’s bus driver slumped at his post. In a flash of lightning, he grabbed the wheel like a rebound off the boards. Wound it correctly and kept the bus within the paint. Score… Visit KHOU for more.

Suspect Goes the Wrong Way in Life and Evasion
One man was not going to be pulled over by police officers for a simple traffic violation. He was on parole, probably heading for Se Wa Teneo, if I had to guess. In this case the man kept driving, eventually going the wrong way up Airline and then north bound on the south bound feeder of I-45… Visit KHOU for more.

Houston Robbery Suspect, a Student of Professor Henry Jones Jr.
A man robbing an ATM in the middle of the night, fled the scene as local authorities were tipped by an automatic alarm. He ran, but he could not hide. It seems he tried the old “hiding in a refrigerator to escape danger” trick, made famous by Indiana Jones. The lesson to learn? Refrigerators protect from atomic blasts, but not from the scent detection of HPD’s finest noses… Visit KHOU for more.

— The Loop Scoop


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