August 17th, 2011

NEWScoop: Exploding Building and Pipe, Concrete Initials, and Passing Gas and Gator

TNT I’m a Power Load, TNT Let’s Watch It EXPLODE
The time has come to say goodbye to the shell of a great Medical Center building, but how. Who can argue with an organized implosion of the structure? We’re surely not going to see that happen to the Astrodome anytime soon. GIVE ME MY KICKS SOMEHOW, STEERING COMMITTEE!! Starting the petition to implode the Prudential Tower in the Houston Medical Center in 3… 2… 1…. Visit SwampLot for more on this story.

Poorly Laid Pipe and Droughts Lead to Break Ups
Houston has experienced little love from the season of Summer. The consequences of which are hurting our relationship to the core. Visit ABC13 for more on this story.

Lexus Owner Drives Initials in Wet Concrete
The driver attempted to memorialize his daily commute by marking his signature and dating it, when the vehicle became stuck. “I. D. I. O. Ah, PURPLE HORSE BLANKET!” Visit ABC13 for more on this story.

Pasadena Passes More Than Gas
The City of Pasadena is selling cars, mowers, rims, tires and an assortment of other vehicular objects. Prized objects will go to the highest of bidders. Visit HoustonChronicle for more on this story.

Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One, a Gator Walks Under a Car
A gentle lady in Wharton was strolling to her coach when she came upon what looked like a leather tire. Upon further inspection, she realized it to be a refugee from a nearby creek. Visit KHOU for more on this story.

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