February 16th, 2012

NEWScoop: Facebook Crude, Big Brother, Surprise Guns, Log Needs Defense and Dog Napping

Topless on Facebook, Clothed on Porn Site
That’s not right. Strike that. Reverse it. A misguided teen in Galena Park apparently put his ex-girlfriend’s naughty bits on the world-wide-facebook. Stupid. A porn company has stolen and posted harmless photos from a Massachusetts High School student’s Facebook page on their site. What weird world we live in. Visit TheChron for more.

They’re Watching, So You’d Better Be “Doubleplusgood”
Mom and Dad can also be your Big Brother, and not necessarily in an Arkansas kinda way. Increasing numbers of parents are strapping their teens’ cars with GPS trackers to keep tabs on the little deviants. Thank God technology hadn’t evolved to this point back when I was a wee hellion. Visit TheChron for more.

HPD went looking to bust a kiddie smut peddler. What they found was a stockpile of weapons and ammo big enough to take down a small army. With the suspect in custody, and the pornography and arsenal confiscated, the perpetrator’s father has already chimed in with the standard “but he’s a good person” bit. Sorry, pops, but you’re going to have to cite your sources. Visit KHOU for more.

It’s Log, It’s Log, It’s Big, It’s Heavy, It’s… Being Indicted?
Mourning is a process. You’ve got to go through denial, guilt, a little anger, and eventually, you claw your way to acceptance. Nowhere in the standard grieving process do you necessarily have to track down a lawyer and start scoping the horizon for someone to sue. While I’m sympathetic for this family, I’ve got to wonder who they’re looking to nail. The culpable log? Visit Click2Houston for more.

Dog Napping and Dognapping
You’re thinkin’ “Yeah, my dog sleeps all day. I call it the CMS or carbon monoxide sleep. No the air ain’t unfriendly—get real, people.” There’s a new Dognap in town, the kind that rides around on a bicycle (a bicycle? spandex and lego shoes?) and robs people in broad daylight with a Gerber. Visit KHOU for more.

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