March 12th, 2012

NEWScoop: Flaming Texans, Rich B*tches, Angry Exes, Ashby Risings and Canoe Snubbaroos

Flaming Texans
Okay, big guy. Your house is on fire. Are you certain that all essentials have been evacuated? Wife, check. Kid, check. Other kid, check. Two dogs, check. But wait, what about your signed Matt Schaub jersey? Your souvenir program from the fabled Texans playoff game? No!! All your Texans football dreams vanish, singing and burning right before your eyes (yet again). Visit Click2Houston for more.

I’m Rich, B*tch!
A Houston millionaire has provided definitive proof that money can, in fact, buy anything. There’s no civil litigation too daunting and no girlfriend/daughter hybrid arrangement too instinctively repulsive to keep this guy down. It’s official: money is actually the cure of all evil. Visit KHOU for more.

Angry Ex Grabs Gun, Gets Shot
This is not how it’s supposed to happen. An angry ex tried to go Shawshank (he was innocent, dammit!) on the new lover, only to get shot himself. He’s allegedly in stable condition, but anyone that tries to pull off the cliche crime of passion is anything but stable. Visit for more.

Bad Moon High Rising
Resistance is futile. The Ashby High Rise will not be stopped. But, the residents haven’t given up just yet. There will be another meeting tonight for the people of the neighborhood to air their grievances about the building set to rise up into the thin air. This will end nothing but well. Visit KTRK for more.

The Ol’ Canoe Snubbaroo
If you weren’t paying attention, this weekend’s weather sucked the big one. The weather this weekend was so bad (how bad was it?!), that the annual Buffalo Bayou Regatta had to be canceled as a result. No make up date has been set, but we’re hoping for the best. This was to be the 40th anniversary of the event. Visit YourHoustonNews for more.

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