September 13th, 2011

NEWScoop: Houston’s Rep, Stolen Cars, Apes Rising, and a Corpse Flower

Houston’s Houstonness
Houston’s identity seems to be mentioned all over the place as of late—over on the Chronicle, Houston Strategies, the ladies of Postcards from Houston, and HIWI just to name a few. Hell it’s what we here at the Loop Scoop are trying to solidify. Houston. Humid. Heterogeneous. Hospitable. Visit HoustonStrategies for more on this story.

J.C. Reid to Galileo Houston’s BBQ Myth
Time and time again, we’ve all read, said, and heard how Houston’s barbecue is so wonderfully subpar. Rather than cling to a theory that great tasting fare is all around us and nowhere in between—he’ll seek out definitive proof as he explores East Texas barbecue and its unique strengths. Delicious meats are among us? Inconceivable. Visit HoustonBBQ for more.

Once Again: HPD to Automobile Owners, Got a Truck, You’re F*cked
The Top 10 Stolen Vehicles for August list was released. All Houstonians driving Trabis or Subarus, you’re still safe. Visit MyFoxHouston for more on this story.

County of the Apes
Contrary to what the new movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes would have you believe, it is not mere science that unleashes primates upon civilization. It is, in fact, natural disasters that force their freedom, whereby they will one day conquer mankind. Visit KHOU for more on this story.

Skilled Horticulturists’ Dead Flower
The Houston Zoo is welcoming a new species of plant this week—Amorphophallus titanium. For some of you, that’s a Corpse Flower or “Pewtuni.” Human, hold your nose. Blow Fly or Carrion beetle, relish. Visit KHOU for more.

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