November 23rd, 2011

NEWScoop: Knockarounds, Frozen Condoms, Giving, Fake Hairs, and Dark Times

Seth Green Flying Another Suspicious Plane
He abandoned a’ ton dough last time around. This time, it’s an illegal substance. Whether or not he ran into dirty cops again is a mystery. Let’s just hope Vin Diesel stays in Jersey, or in whatever galaxy the Riddick movies were filmed in. The last thing we need is some gravelly voiced potato face starting fights with Brian Cushing. I give Cush the edge. Visit KHOU for more.

The Ol’ Condom in the Freezer Trick
It’s every man’s worst nightmare. Maybe the crazy girlfriend uses a pin to poke a hole in the rubber. All of a sudden you’ve got a bouncing baby on your hands and child support deducted from your pay check. Well, a Houston couple apparently has a twist to that story. A man is suing his ex-girlfriend for stealing his sperm (allegedly) and getting herself artificially inseminated (allegedly). It’s the ol’ freezing the used condom trick. If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a thousand times… in the movies… Visit Click2Houston for more.

Giving Thanks by Giving Back
Many Houstonians have been pummeled by this recession. And still, there’s guaranteed to be even more before it’s over. According to local charities, the number of those needing food donations continues to grow. That leaves these same charitable organizations needing more food and more volunteers. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

Fake and Break – The Law
On Monday we read about a man in La Porte with an imaginary explosive. Today, we learn about a woman with a fictitious do. There’s mention of a gun. It was never shown, so we can only assume it was hidden somewhere beneath the wig. Visit ABC13 for more.

Dark Times on Black Friday
Late Thanksgiving night and early Friday morning, shoppers will be seeking deals in droves all over Houston. You see the very best of humanity. It’s in the gifting. It’s putting aside selfish needs to help each other out in this greatest of post Thanksgiving cluster fucks. Then, as this article points out, the worst of our kind are manifested as well. Mind your surroundings. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

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