April 13th, 2012

NEWScoop: Late-Nite Arson, Doctoral Ethics, New UH Logo, Repo Tension and Expressway Armageddon

Manager of Late-Nite Pie Most Likely Late to Life
I say that because if the arson investigation currently implementing him as the key suspect goes through, he’ll be spending some time in jail. Jail is ambition’s sedative. Whatever he had plans for, he’d better postpone or cancel. Visit KHOU for more.

Bring Out Your Meds, Bring Out Your Meds
Doctors and assistants were arrested and led away in DEA handcuffs after a raid on a medical center in the Woodlands. If there’s one thing that Woodlanders do not tolerate, it’s drug pushers in their hood. Citizens of the community are justifiably upset. May I suggest they pop a Xanax or two and lie down? Visit TheChron for more.


The New University of Houston Logo is Flawed (Spoiler: The H’s Serifs are Different)
Someone’s in trouble. The new mark is sure to be producing the kind of “oh f#^k!” moment every designer, art director, writer, creative director and project manager dreads—the blatant error seen only too late—after the press run and unveiling. Hopefully its production on marketing collateral and apparel hasn’t gone too far. Then again, maybe it was intentional.

And to the folks up in arms over the negative space between the two letters; that’s not a mistake. The entire logo is outlined in white, so it’s only reasonable that the white carries over into that space as well. Sure realistically a pixel or two of red might appear if true to the outline, but then you’re left with an ill-considered red dot. It’s better off omitted. Visit UniWatch for more.

A Repo Man Spends His Life Getting Into Tense Situations!
Everybody knows that. Or at least everybody who was raised with an appreciation of terrible 80’s flicks. But a Montgomery County Sherriff gave one repo worker a bit more than the standard “don’t touch my car” grief. Guns were drawn, badges were flashed. But the car was returned, so happy ending for all? We’ll see what the DA has to say eventually. Visit Click2Houston for more.

Expressway Armageddon
3 AM cruises around the 610 loop are a bit safer since the gaping pot hole near Ella was repaired yesterday. TxDOT claims they are still unsure what caused the road damage to begin with, but by the look of it, I think we have to assume it was a meteor strike worthy of a Michael Bay movie. Visit Click2Houston for more.

— The Loop Scoop


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