April 25th, 2012

NEWScoop: Militia, Dress Code, Hodgepodge of Garbage, Bong and RG3


Valentine’s Day Passion, It Ain’t All Love
Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputies had a 90-minute stand-off with a member of the Texas Militia on February 14th of this year. To the deputies’ credit, this disagreement ended peacefully. Law a’ the land, MAN. Visit TheChron for more.

Bending Rules Like Heartstrings
Two students of the Judson Independent School District have broken dress code. They wore Homes for Our Troops t-shirts in support of their father, Army Spc. Justin Perez-Gorda. The code clearly states, that t-shirts may only have college or JISD campus spirit logos. Show your love and support in another way. Visit KHOU for more.


“Mixed Up Hodgepodge of Garbage”
Are they talking about Houston? No, they’re referring to the evidence being used to indict former Astros player, Roger Clemens. Clemens’ attorney, Hardin is claiming that McNamee is only out to make a buck. We’ll see. Visit TheChron for more.

Goodwill and Its High-Minded Ideals
A Goodwill drop-off center in Friendswood received a bong (read: “an unusual and illegal item”) and then had the audacity to complain about it. Beggars cannot be choosers.  Visit ABC13 for more.


RG3 is Chicken
Not the yellow-bellied sort. He’s literally chicken, at least the edible Subway statue version is—barbecue chicken to be exact. Why does this exist? Visit KHOU for more.

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