February 15th, 2012

NEWScoop: Needs More Panties, Wig Snatchers, Wright and Wrong, VD Burns and New TLS Office?

Cowgirl Needs Some Raising, Maybe Some Panties
A young lady must never leave the house without mascara on her lashes and lacquer on her nails. Southern Upbringing done taught us that. So the little chickie down in Corpus who streaked around public streets wearing nothing but a pair of cowboy boots and a smile clearly must have been a Yankee. She managed to lead cops on a slow-speed chase before finally driving onto a sidewalk where she was arrested for evading arrest in all her naked glory. Surprise, Surprise, she was drunk. What would her mama say? Visit Chron.com for more.

Wig Snatcher Surge
Thieves have moved on from electronics and jewelry to tap into a new market of ill-gotten goods. But how long before salons are wiped clean of their stockpile of extensions and these bandits start looking for other sources? Hold onto your weaves, ladies, these boys just might snatch the hair off your head. Visit Chron.com for more.

Murdering Mr. Wright
Hey, remember Susan Wright? The psycho who tied her husband to their bed and stabbed him damn near 200 times? Well as if her 2004 sentence of 20 years for murder wasn’t punishment enough, she’s about to have her sordid little story immortalized in Lifetime Movie glory. That’s how a woman really knows she’s screwed up, when the execs at ‘Television for Women’ pinpoint her life as the next great cautionary tale. Visit Click2Houston for more.

VD Gets Hot, Itchy, Uncomfortable for Sullivan
We’ve been preached the terror that is VD since we were children. We’ve been exchanging them all these years, and still don’t understand the cons of the process. Sullivan’s Steakhouse learned first hand last night when their VD turned into a blazing mess that only the professionals could quell. Visit KHOU for more.

The Loop Scoop Shows Off Its New Digs
We didn’t want to do the usual “office space” nonsense. Instead, we’re showing off our most recent purchase. We’re going to have to change the name of this site… Also we’re going to have to spend an entire year just reviewing each room of our new abode, but we think it’s worth it… The manse being worth $19 Million, to be exact. In our opinion, that’s a small price to pay to bring you the best news from inside the 610 Loop. Visit Click2Houston for more.

— The Loop Scoop


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