June 25th, 2012

NEWScoop: Neighborly Actions, Stormin’ Warmin’, Selling Baby, Pinning Hopes and Losing Dreams

Like a Good Neighbor, My Arm is There
Move over State Farm, you might be helpful after calamity occurs, but the folks representing the homes at Pearla and Lafferty in Pasadena, prevent the disaster from happening. When four men armed with guns attempted to rob a couple in their home, neighbors in the surrounding area came with baseball bats and attacked the would-be attackers. That’s a Neighborhood Watch. Visit ABC13 for more.

Don’t Fear the Storm, Do Fear the Warm
That seems to be the message on every local weather outlet this week, as Tropical Storm Debby will not come anywhere near our lush tropical paradise. We will instead have the privilege of temperatures usually reserved for deserts. Throw in a handful of humidity and you can effectively call it dangerous. Take shelter, my friends. Visit KHOU for more.

Woman Attempts to Sell Baby in Dallas
A mother in Dallas, rather than give her child up for adoption, tried to turn a profit in freeing herself of her motherly responsibilities. While the action and motives are despicable, her choice to sell in consumer-friendly Dallas showed a certain business savvy. They’ll purchase most anything. Visit TheChron for more.

Houston is Gollum and Energy, the One Industry To Rule Them All
That’s just great. We loves jobs. We loves technology. We loves that Houston is on the international map for something. We just wishes we didn’t have all of our hopes pinned on The Precious. Eventually energy will choose another master and we’ll be left talking to Detroit in Gollum’s cave. Visit TheChron for more.

USA Lost to Italia in Rugby
This past weekend brought our United States National Rugby Team to Compass BBVA Stadium here in Houston. It also gathered the largest home crowd, of which there were 17,241 eager fans, ever recorded at an Eagles match. While the Eagles did not come out on top, they fought hard. Give the sport some time, rugby will gain ground. Visit TheChron for more.

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