March 8th, 2012

NEWScoop: Nose Bleeds, Cougars on Ice, Horseplay, Bus Home and Gas Stations Want Your Two Cents

The Nose Bleeds Should Have Been the First Clue
I thought that the best stuff was supposed to be white? A rebirth of Crystal Coke must be in the works as the Coca-Cola will have to change their recipe to avoid a “can cause cancer” sticker from the FDA. The caramel color is the real killer. Visit for more.

Cougar Football on Ice
Tony Levine will be honored at Saturday’s Houston Aeros game. Hopefully, the recruitment trail has lead him to Toyota Center. Perhaps one of the defensemen can stand in as a hard-hitting safety during the 2012 campaign. Visit for more.

Horses Are the Worst Drivers
The movie War Horse has empowered an uprising. A couple of equines found their way onto the 610 Loop in the very early morning. Apparently, The Loop Scoop staffers are not the only ones that enjoy a little 3AM trek with tunes. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

Kids Found on Bus… Not Going to School
A couple of children, age 5 and 11, were found to be living in an abandoned school bus in Splendora. There will be a custody hearing for the kids. Hopefully everything works out for the best for them. No jokes to be found here. Visit KHOU for more.

Gas Stations Want Your Two Cents
Finally, we will get a voice. Gas stations everywhere will soon be asking for your two cents when filling up. Oh, they’re just taking more money? That’s awesome. Totally read that wrong. Visit Click2Houston for more.

— Paul


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