August 26th, 2011

NEWScoop: Perry Tales, In-Houston-Out, Red Lighted, Sportsflow and Heat Reprieve

Perry, Perry on the Wall, What’s the Story We’ll Tell Them All
The Ricky Perry train is rolling. There’s no stopping it now. You may as well jump out of the way or hop on board. With the unemployment rate spiking in Texas, there may be a few thousand more hobos ready to hitch a ride to anywhere but here. What’s the story we’re going to tell the nation, Guv? Visit OffTheKuff for more on this story.

In-n-Out, In, In, Houston In
We’ve got one writer that’s lickin’ his chops… Count two, actually. Paul and Marc are ready for the arrival. We’re not sure if Stephan is on board yet. He who wrote the original Great Burger Debate might still be on the fence. Maybe it’s all about the chicken strips and gravy. Visit SwampLot for more on this story.

Cameras Get Red Lighted
As we relayed to you before, the red light cameras were under the gun. Well, the shot has been fired. Plastic flew everywhere. The red light cameras are no more. Better start looking both ways before you cross the street in Houston. Those beaming reds are only a suggestion from now on. Visit OffTheKuff for more on this story.

Sports? What Sports? You’re a Bad Sport.
It’s definitely not a stretch to say that Houston sports fans are a bit more bandwagon than diehard. But who knew that our city’s fans were nationally recognized for such a fete. Check out the NFL fan flowchart to see what team you should be cheering on. Visit Houston’sClearThinkers for more.

Heat Reprieve? Igloo Resort. Case Solved.
In “not your typical Houston news” news, we’ve uncovered a fantastic getaway from the Houston heatwave. It’s supposed to be 106 degrees tomorrow. ONE-OH-SIX! So, back to this getaway… All you have to do is fly into Helinski, take another short flight to Ivalo (which has only one arrival and departure per day) and then hike to Kakslauttanen. Igloo resort! Problem solved. Story stolen from NeedInput! on Tumblr.

Paul / Marc

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