December 16th, 2011

NEWScoop: Phillips Flinches, Reporters Menace, Bad Things Keep Coming, Couple Spends, and Reindeer Run

Houston Clenches, Phillips Flinches
The Texans just wrapped up the AFC South (and subsequently their first playoff spot ever) by escaping the Cincinnati Bengals. Phillips, the long awaited savior of defense with nowhere to go but up, is now on the mend from gallbladder surgery. Not that we know what that organ does, but this feels like bad timing to pimp yourself to the head coaching community. Know thine self, Wade, and bask in the glory of the coordinator niche you’ve carved. Visit StarTelegram for more on this story.

Don’t Be a Menace to South Houston While Broadcasting Your News in the Hood
A local reporter was spotted outside a Southwest Houston discount store, hollering about crack cocaine and wielding a sweatshirt in the faces of store patrons. Citizens were quoted as saying the situation was “sending the wrong message”, “ridiculous” and “total devastation.” The reporter clearly admits on video to purchasing the crack recipe graphic shirt for the sole purpose of accosting people in the community with it. These boom mic brandishing journalists must be stopped. Visit KHOU for more on this story.

Too Much of a Bad Thing
Sandusky. Fine. Now…Foster. Not exactly a story that will garner Gloria Allread’s attention and maybe it’s not as gross as the PSU scandal, but when it comes to a former youth minister sending thousands of text messages and exposing himself to an underage girl via Skype, well, we’re definitely against it. Evidently, when it rains it pours for sex-creeps. Today’s forecast…justice. Visit Click2Houston for more on this story.

3…2…1…Happy 2 to 4 Years!
It’s not even Christmas yet, and some folks are already fretting about New Year’s Eve plans. One couple in Houston is apparently prepping one hell of a bash, complete with pricey wine and champagne. We can only hope that their resolution immediately following the party will be: In 2012, let’s actually start paying for stuff. Visit Click2Houston for more on this story.

Reindeer Rodeo: Corralling Christmas on I-45
We needed this. Kind of like we all looked forward to the Santa Tracker on the Christmas Eve weather report as children, maybe letting a few reindeer loose on the interstate right before Christmas can be a yearly tradition that warms our hearts and puts a twinkle in our eyes. Nobody- and much more importantly- no reindeer were injured in the ensuing calamitous roundup. Who came to the rescue? No other than Santa himself. Merry Christmas. Visit Click2Houston for more on this story.

— The Loop Scoop


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