January 13th, 2012

NEWScoop: Phillips Pulls Out, Astronauts Dodge Junk, Houston Marathon Arrives, Boots Smuggle, and Students Cheat

Wade Phillips You Have Chosen… Wisely
Good thing, too. We all know what happens to those who choose… poorly. If you don’t, the video above should educate. So, Phillips will not talk with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a head coaching position? Yup. This very morning, he pulled out of the meeting. With that 82-59 overall record in the king’s seat, he’d be silly to think he was better off seeking that pay raise. KHOU for more on this story.

Astronauts Don’t Like to Hit the Junk
“Space Junk,” is the term used to describe old space debris hurling around our atmosphere at speeds somewhere in the thousands of miles per hour. With all of the fancy gadgetry and science words, I’d have thought our premier space exploration experts could’ve coined a better term. Oh well, it seems this “space junk” came within earshot (doesn’t exist in space) of the space station. They burned the thrusters for just under a minute and avoided the “space junk” all together. Visit MyFoxHouston for more on this story.

Houston Prepares for Running Men and Women
I hope that doesn’t mean the City is turning our urban oasis into some kind of post apocalyptic racing course with competitors like Fireball, Buzzsaw, or Captain Freedom. Oh, that’s not until 2017. Either way, runners by the thousands are carefully preparing for the men and women’s Olympic Marathon Trials on Saturday, and the Chevron Houston Marathon on Sunday. Good luck to all! Visit ABC13 for more on this story.

These Boots are Made for Smugglin’
With the shoe bomber behind bars, authorities have turned their attention to a new threat: Shoe smugglers. Three pounds of cocaine were found in a woman’s shoes and luggage after she got off a plane from Jamaica to Houston. Drug officials were tipped off when the female kept taking up her shoes and holding them to her face. Foot fetishes everywhere beware of your public behavior. Visit ABC13 for more on this story.

Students Take After Matt Damon and Cheat in Class
Saint Damon? What? Watch the video. Hundreds of students were found to have cheated on an English exam just before Winter Break. No, it wasn’t the discovery of someone’s cheat sheet that alerted the school staff. It was that the teachers noticed the same exact answers on test, after test, after test. Instead of locking all 600 seniors in a room and allowing them to sort out the guilty party amongst themselves (the right thing to do), they’re just letting them retake the test. Visit Click2Houston for more on this story.

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