September 1st, 2011

NEWScoop: Smoke, Weather, Law, Panhandlers, and Trees Falling

Smokey and the Bandit
This morning a man commandeered a cigarette truck in Hitchcock. Went this way and that way, just like a lassie. Ended up crashing the rig and fleeing. Smokeys continue hunting the smoker. Visit KHOU for more on this story.

It’s September, Weather, Redeem Thyself
Here’s hopin’ we get some rain and a high in the 90’s. Forecasts  have been teasing as much for the last few days. What say you, Weather? Visit TimeandDate for more on this story.

Law Don’t Go Around Here, Law Dog
A member of the United States Army was ticketed by civilian law enforcement. Troubled by this, the man went after the law, trying to return the favor. In the end, Law did go around here—the soldier was once again pulled over and this time, arrested. Visit ABC13 for more on this story.

Panhandlers Knowledgeable in the Ways of the Force
We’ve all been there. A man comes to us at the car window or cafe patio, as we eat rows of white powdered donuts. He’s stumbling, smelling, staring us in the eye holes, waving his hand, “Change.” “I don’t have any.” “Change.” He steps closer, insistent that if he stares long enough, your week mind will be persuaded. Visit KHOU for more.

A Tree Falls in the Forest, Two People Hear It
In the town of Fisch, a tree snapped, landing on a house. The owners, both blind, only heard the destruction. They have since relocated to safer surroundings. Visit ABC13 for more on this story.

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