April 9th, 2012

NEWScoop: Spaghetti Western, Getting Along, Wearing Black, Veterans Welcomed and Eggs Dropped

Firing Shots Outside Spaghetti Warehouse—Not Gonna Happen, Man. You’re Ridin’ on a Buffalo. Remember?
The 24-year old intoxicated fella wasn’t the guy on a buffalo. Who’s to say he wasn’t in that mindset. I’ll admit, I’ve had my faculties stormed by the mountain-man, buffalo-riding, Kentucky long-rifle wielding confidence that comes as a result of too much Bailey’s. I’d grab the nearest push-broom in hopes that its faster top speed would help me save orphans. Put yourself in Adam’s place. Physical and legal limitations go right out the window. Visit ABC13 for more.

Easter International: Vietnamese, Spanish, Korean, English and Spanich
This past weekend’s multicultural camaraderie is certainly something to be excited about. It serves as a shred of evidence that we can all in fact, get along- even if it only concerns one religion. It’s a start. Visit ABC13 for more.

An Increase in Bad News - Brought to You by the Man in Black
A 27-year-old individual beats his two-year-old son for pulling off window tint. Missing mother of four is abused and murdered by the criminal she was wed to. Party-goers are shot at Surfside. Individual chokes and burns wife. Visit any news outlet for more.

Houston Welcomes Home Iraq War Vets
If you were in Downtown on Saturday you might’ve noticed a parade moving southeast along Texas Avenue toward Minute Maid Park. That was the city of Houston welcoming back our nation’s Iraq War veterans. Apparently Houston is only the second “large” city to do so. Politics aside, they’ve sacrificed a lot. Thank you. Visit ABC13 for more.

Montgomery County’s Largest Egg Drop!
Call me old-fashioned, but I didn’t realize there was such a thing as an egg drop, let alone enough to conjure comparisons. Well, they exist. This one dropped thousands. I should very much hope they weren’t eggs of the golden variety. That might be cause for concern. Visit ABC13 for more.

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