March 27th, 2012

NEWScoop: Stabbed and Screwed, Match the Offense, Best New Architecture, Furries are Legit and Have Your Pest Spayed or Neutered

I’ll Have a Screwdriver – And Make it Bloody
Guess what you get for trying to partake of Houston’s less-than-stellar public transport system: screwed. Literally. Stabbed and screwed. And Metro wonders why ridership is down… Visit for more.

Sexual Deviant Seeks Partner for Snuggling, Occasional Sadism
People looking for love in all online places can rest a bit easier. Big name matchmaking websites like intend to start screening members for registered sex offenses. Am I the only one naïve enough to have assumed they were doing this all along? “Interests: whips, chain, candle wax, rape porn.” Might wanna red flag that one, eHarmoney. Visit Click2Houston for more.

Shove Over, Rome
Houston is stepping up its game when it comes to architectural design. The American Institute of Architects selected the best new Bayou City structures for honors last night. The Coliseum ain’t got sh*t on us. Visit YourHoustonNews for more.

Hey Kids, Want to Play with Mr. Bunny?
Okay, so that sounds pervy. But that’s what happens when public festivals aren’t allowed to invoke the term “Easter” bunny. These events may be meticulously organized and teeming with local business sales pitches, but without a Cadbury endorsement, the main attraction is just another person in a giant rabbit outfit. Visit YourHoustonNews for more.

I Mosquito (Ant, Termite, Flea, and Roach) Houston
Where can we place the blame? Houston’s insect problem is ramping up early this year. The mild winter and early spring are creating an uncontrollable pest population. Makes you wish you had listened to Bob Barker. Next time you’ll have your pest spayed or neutered. This time it’s on you, Houston. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

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