December 27th, 2011

NEWScoop: Texans Can’t Snow Drive, Trinity Saves More than Neo, Flea Bag Bug, Crash and Dash and Prawn Menace

Texans Can’t Drive in Snow, Shouldn’t Even Try
Mother Nature don’t take kindly to folks looking to abandon the Lone Star State during the holidays. A family from Dickinson faced Mama’s wrath head on, as they found themselves stranded in a New Mexico blizzard. They spent two days camped out in their SUV, surviving on ski trip snacks and road trip games. This incident serves as further proof that leaving Texas is simply never advisable. Visit KHOU for more.

The Christmas Rain Won’t Be Enough
Many a complaint was heard over the weekend as the mist held strong over the Houston area. White Christmas? More like “Wet Christmas!” HA! Terrible joke aside, apparently that little precipitation won’t be enough to hold Houstonians over until 2060. Enter the Luce Bayou project, an attempt to bring in reserves of water from the Trinity River to Lake Houston. It’s been stopped, started, stopped and started again and again. Visit for more.

Flea Bag Bug
Vets warn that a dog flu is spreading across Texas. While some people are scrambling to get their furry little buddies to the dog doc for a vaccine, others are recalling the fabled swine/bird flus of recent years and are already plotting their calls into work. “I won’t be in today. My Pomeranian has been up all night with coughing and a fever. I think it may be the dog flu!” Man’s best friend thereby bestows a belated Christmas gift: an excuse (however flimsy) to avoid returning to the post-holiday grind.Visit Click2Houston for more.

Crash and Dash
Petty criminals no longer content with swiping a free meal from the diner are turning to robbing the elderly. An octogenarian was on the wrong end of a minor car accident when the other driver took more than her insurance information. The thieves swiped her purse and took off into the night. Visit for more.

District 9 Had it Right
Detain and hold captive this blight on our planet. That’s what we should do. Have learned nothing from (future) South Africa. Discrimination has it’s place when it comes to prawn. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

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