October 4th, 2011

NEWScoop: The FBI Makes a Funny, We Eat, a Star Hits the Atmosphere, Tuesday Sinks, and Social Media Saves

The FBI Tries Hand at Comedy and gets Butterfingers
In an effort to change the collective’s identity, they’ve begun the Federal Comedy Tour. First stop on the circuit, Houston. A bank robber did what bank robbers are known for, all with what may very well have been a candy bar. I won’t give away the punch line. Visit KHOU for more on this story.

Day of the Taco Gives Houston the Unfair Advantage
Last week brought results for America’s fattest cities. Houston disappointed as it didn’t move up or down in the rankings. We’re heavy. Today is Taco Day. Houstonians that would usually hit the fast food, will hit it in droves—better yet, they’ll most likely bring those that don’t usually partake. It’s free! Weight be damned, we’ll budge from #9 for free food. Visit KHOU for more on this story.

Did a Star Hit the Atmosphere?
It never fails, just when a politician gets the big MO, something ugly usually surfaces. Stolen funds. Pretzel wearing prostitutes. Racial stupidity. Affinity for nude strolls in Memorial Park. Take your pick. The truth is out there. Visit MyFoxNews for more on this story.

Man Jogs on Feeder at 2:30AM. Why?
We certainly don’t want to make light of a deadly accident, but, is that the ideal scenario for getting around on foot? Copper theft, bad. Dark roads, worse. That fact that it was a fatal hit and run, that’s horrible. Someone had to be Dickie-Downer this morning. It’s too nice outside. Visit KHOU for more on this story.

Social Media, Although Invasive and Self Serving, Can Still Serve a Purpose
Social Media. It’s charitably feeding the homeless and hitting every indulgence on Bourbon Street. One Houstonian is intent on using it for good after a recent robbery. Houston can now connect using My Virtual Neighbor. Once there, you’re able to exchange information based on location and report suspicious activity near your homes. Visit MyFoxNews for more on this story.

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