December 14th, 2011

NEWScoop: Toys for T*ts, Ladder Woes, Dog-Kicker, Angel-Tattooed Theif and Don’t Drink the Water

Toys for T*ts, Lady of the Night Plays to the Hearts of Men
Is this Houstonian using charitable giving to get a few extra guys in the sack? Or is she an immoral person attempting to right a wrong? Either way, she’s confused. Prostitution and the Marines Toys for Tots program have no business holding hands. Visit ABC13 for more.

Decorating for Christmas Kills or Check the Structural Integrity of Your Ladders
First, I mean no disrespect in light of this family’s tragic loss. Second, why was this in the news? Is this a tastelessly passive public service announcement? Visit KHOU for more.

Kicking Dog and Chucking Child
And now, another public service announcement. This one, courtesy of Captain James Hook: “That’s what a#*holes do. Bad form.” This comin’ from a man who don’t even like kids. Hook hates the little buggers. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

Religious Tattoo Remains Long After Faith Leaves
That might’ve been the case as a Houston pastor was robbed with a gun to his head by a man baring such a mark. “God’s never done anything for me. What’s he ever done for me?” Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

Don’t Drink the Water
A man was seen by gas station employees injecting an unknown clear liquid into water bottles. The contaminated bottles have been sent to a lab to be tested. This is supposed to be a time for random acts of kindness, not the opposite of. Unless that man had a superhero formula in the syringe, the point of the season really is lost on him. Visit Click2Houston for more.

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