October 6th, 2011

NEWScoop: Trustee Steals from Kids, Perry Dodges Bullets, Limbaugh is Atropine, a Grudge Renews, and a School Infuriates

Think of the Children
$2.8 million. That’s a big trust fund. And it’s money that a contractor is trying to rip away from the grasp of cooing children and the city government. Think of it as a finder’s fee for the former HISD trustee and City Councilman. Those contracts for rebuilding schools don’t get written by themselves (nor negotiated under the table, or even bled of funds). Visit TexasWatchDog for more on this story.

Perry Dodging Bullets on His Own Deer Lease
It was only a matter of time before the darker side of Rick Perry was introduced to the general population. Recently coming under fire is his choice in hunting leases. But, you know what? As long as it leads to the greater understanding of other racisty-titled landmarks, that’s a good thing. Right? Visit TheDailyShow for more on this story.

Limbaugh is Effective Substitute for Atropine in the Midst of Medicinal Shortage
While one Houston woman did not suffer from Bradycardia, a police officer incorrectly administered the Limbaugh anyway. The woman’s heart rate skyrocketed. She was then taken to a hospital. The officer is now involved in a court case for medical negligence and poor judgement. Visit HoustonChronicle for more on this story.

Dump Truck to Metro Train, “We Were Here First, Deformed Carousel”
After a dump truck went after a train, unprovoked, Houston’s fears that the longstanding truce between the two had been broken. As we’re finding out now, the dump truck’s human passenger was responsible. In light of this information the situation is still tense. The Metro Trains are skeptical. The Dump Trucks continue using hostile language. Visit KHOU for more on this story.

School of Hard Knocks or Disinfecting Pots?
It’s always funny until someone has to clean a toilet with their bare hands. Sarcasm is lost on most people below a certain age. I have met a first grader who’s biting quips made my eyes water. That’s neither here, nor there. Parents at a Houston Charter school were none to happy when they learned their children were cleaning latrines in detention as result of a bit of humor. Visit KHOU for more on this story.

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