May 20th, 2010

Nouveau Antique Art Bar: A Grand Opening

In 4 Words: Tiffany, Expansive, Antiques, Novelty

When you think about it, the concept of almost every bar is centered around a novelty. Our owner is from Dublin, let’s start an Irish pub. I really like Animal Collective, I should start a hipster dive joint. We’ve got all these old receipts and sales logs from a clothing store, we should open a club based around old apparel. So, when Nouveau Antique Art Bar opened its doors a few months ago with a concept based on reproduced Tiffany lamps, none of us should have batted an eyelash.


With a collection of antique furniture and stained glass lamps, Nouveau started by trying to carve out its unique niche with the booze drinking patrons of Houston. Nobody is going to fault you if drinking isn’t the first thing that comes to your head after you hear the words “a lot of lamps,” but anyone that’s ever been on a nine-hour antiquing binge knows that alcohol is absolutely necessary to unwind. Perhaps now the two concepts go together.


With it’s large space, more than adequate seating and large private parking lot, the Art Bar is poised to draw a lot of patrons to its central location. Just within the borders of Midtown, it sits along the light rail track, which makes it accessible no matter what mode of transportation you choose.


If you’ve been waiting to check out Nouveau Antique Art Bar, tonight may very well be your night. They’re having their Grand Opening party with drink specials and, supposedly, the largest bottle of Absolut in the city of Houston. If the lamps aren’t a novelty, that last factoid certainly is. The party kicks off at 8PM so there won’t be time to waste between happy hour and the witching hour.

NOUVEAU Antique Art Bar
2913 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 (View Map)
Grand Opening Party (8PM-12AM)
DJ Derek Jones will be providing the music, Experience Fusion Taco will be covering the food
$3 Domestic Bottles, $3 Wells, $3 Jagermeisters

— Paul


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