April 13th, 2012

Photo of the Week: Art on the Streets on the Art

Usually we keep the lines between Street Art of the Week and Photo of the Week well apart from each other, which is why if you’ve ever loaded the likes of Shreddi or Coolidge into The Loop Scoop Photogs group, it’s never been chosen for POTW. Today the lines are blurred. They’ve been blurred in the past. Take cybertoad’s shot from August 2010, where the “street” in street art was taken quite literally by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez.


Today’s no different. This peach of a picture can be found on the wall of Alva Graphics at the corner of Shepherd and Center streets. We can thank VeronicaGS for this capture, titled Texas. It’s street art, but not in the traditional sense—it’s legal.


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— Richard


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