May 28th, 2010

Photo of the Week: Domo Arigato

The week is on its last legs as everyone looks forward to a three-day weekend. Half of you aren’t even paying attention to anything but the clock on the screen wishing the numbers would build faster. Trust me, I know. I’m doing the same thing. So here we are with the Photo of the Week from Michael Sanderson. It’s calming and beautiful… Unless you’re afraid of robots because they abducted your family as you watched from under the bed. In that case you won’t think this photo is so nice…


I’ll let Michael take it away from his own description:

“Sculpture by Lewis Tardy at Bayou City Art Festival Memorial Park
Lewis Tardy website:

Sculpture made of stainless steel, photographic enlargers and cameras, titanium surgical reconstruction plates, motorcycle and found steel parts.”

Check out the rest of Michael Sanderson’s photostream:

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