May 18th, 2012

Photo of the Week: Everyone, Meet Roderick.

This one comes to us from DiskoJoe. He calls it Roderick – 100 Strangers: 14/100 and it’s part of the 100 Strangers group on Flickr. WHAT’S THAT?

I’ll let Xavier J. Peg break it down.”Focus as much on learning about the person photographed as the image they give you. Yes, the image they give you. Portrait photography is always a collaboration, a dance, between photographer and subject. Learning how to engage unknown and reluctant people as quickly and easily as adjusting your aperture is what 100 Strangers is all about. Being able to engage a stranger, see the shot and quickly adjust your camera to capture it (not necessarily in that order) is a wonderful skill to develop that will help you immensely in photographing people under any conditions.”

And now for the photo and written words that accompany it.


“I recently purchased a new camera and had been dying to get out and snap off some new photos with it. So on Sunday it was my birthday and mothers day so I finally found some time. I was strolling around downtown and was approached by this man Roderick. He told me he didnt have much money, maybe about 30 cents, but he wanted to know if he could buy a cigarette. I was in a good mood so I told him he could just have one if he didnt mind posing for a picture. He hesitated just a bit at first but I assured him I’d make him look great. So he said go sure. He gave me a little pose and I snapped off this picture. Afterwards I let him see it on the live view. He seemed to like it and smiled and gave me a pat on the back then rolled off.”

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— Richard


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