January 20th, 2012

Photo of the Week: They Only Come Out at Night

E. Caves calls this, “searching for sanctuary.” I could get behind that. Some other scenarios come to mind though, as well. You too? What might they be? List ‘em in the comments.


Here are a few ideas I had off the top o’ my head.

Yeah, this song pick is trite. Oh well. The water and the shadowy image appear to be up to no good. Water can’t be malicious, Richard!? Au contraire, mon frère ou ma soeur, have you not seen Stephen King’s Creep Show 2?

I *cough* did not enjoy this song… *coughcough* one bit. In the interest of image conveying possibilities—who’s to say those are foreboding waters. It could be a fun swim. Although, night swims are still ominous—piranha and all.

Oh and by the way, welcome back, E. Caves! Thanks for providing such a compelling image.

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— Richard


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