June 11th, 2010

Photos of the Week: A Look Back at Summer Fest

We’ve done a lot of talking about Summer Fest this week (as well we should), so let’s take one last swing at Houston’s music festival with a look back through photos. Thank you to Kristin and Joseph that sent photos our way of Free Press Summer Fest. I’m going to let their photos do the rest of the talking.


From the stage during Girl Talk’s performance Saturday evening. To have been a fly on the wall of the mob…

ArticleImage-POTW-8(6.11.10)Once again from the stage.

ArticleImage-POTW-3(6.11.10)I think the empty Lone Star in the foreground is his.

ArticleImage-POTW-7(6.11.10)Detroit Cobras on the Main Stage.

ArticleImage-POTW-2(6.11.10)Is that a gong that lights up every time it’s struck? Why, yes, it is.

ArticleImage-POTW-5(6.11.10)A megaphone wired in to the sound system, confetti galore, balloons everywhere… what more could you ask for? The Flaming Lips sure did put on a show.

ArticleImage-POTW-4(6.11.10)Joseph sums up this photo pretty well himself, “too young to know the Ultimate Warrior.” The kids these days… They just don’t know.

Check out the rest of Kristin’s photostream:

Check out the rest of Joseph West’s photostream:

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