March 4th, 2010

Plinio Sandalio Dessert Tasting: A Gentle Rebellion

For the fourth biggest city in the US by population, Houston’s cultural scene is often overlooked or dismissed in favor of other, denser, more easily accessible cities. It’s no surprise that some of our greatest gems can take years to find, but a rebellious collection of local chefs is determined to put our city on the map.

[Funnel Cake, Spam Ice Cream]

“Rebellious” might not be the first word that comes to mind when you meet the shy, soft spoken Plinio Sandalio, but this top notch pastry chef at Textile restaurant has been turning people’s heads throughout 2009 and 2010. He’s been making waves by participating in a fried chicken throwdown – with a fried chicken dessert – rolling up his sleeves as a part time bartender at Anvil, and putting together innovative 10 course dessert tastings that will leave you licking your plate.

[Chocolate and Cherry Float]

At Textile, his standby desserts for each normal dinner include sweet potato beignets served with bacon ice cream, a whimsical play on a “corndog,” and plays on drinks, such as gin fizzes or milkshakes.

[“Lemon” lemon leather, pop rocks, lemon granita]

Give him leeway to compose a dessert tasting for you and you may find yourself contemplating spiced pecans with popcorn ice cream, honeyed whipped cream and grapefruit granita, or a dessert simply entitled “lemon,” a recent favorite of Alison Cook’s.

[“Egg in a basket” almond cake, sweet egg, bacon brittle, jalapeno]

Having experienced and brought many friends to several tastings (only my waistline prevents me from going for more), I can promise that even the skeptical end up giggling in childlike wonder at the sheer creativity and absolute fun his tastings can generate. So go, indulge in something new for your next birthday or anniversary – and prove Plinio wrong when he says Houstonians only want bread pudding and chocolate lava cake!

Plinio Sandalio private dessert tastings

- Jenn
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Header Image: “corndog” yellow mustard ice cream, sweet ketchup, fried corncake

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