June 3rd, 2010

Procrastinator’s Plan 6.3.10

In an attempt to help our readers better plan their procrastination, we’re going to start publishing the Procrastinator’s Plan on Thursday. While this is great for you, that just means I have to start writing earlier and I can’t put it off until Friday morning anymore. Oh the things that we do for our Loopsters! Since I can no longer wait until the last minute, I’ve enlisted the help of my fellow Scoopsters to help with finalizing your weekend plans.

The best thing about the week after a holiday is that it’s one day shorter till the next weekend. Unfortunately, with a short week and the new schedule, this week’s plan snuck up on me before I even had a chance to put off writing it. I hate when that happens. It’s just not the same as knowingly putting something off. Oh well. Get out and enjoy this city.

White Trash Story (Marc)
Is there a better way to kick off the weekend than heading up to the Firehouse and dousing your thirst with a lite beer and mullet watching? Friday night offers a great excuse to make your way just outside the loop to catch the Casey Donahew Band onstage. Break out the cowboy hats and boots and chaps, if you’re into that kind of thing, and find a two-stepping lady. If you ever need a reminder that this is Houston, Texas, a night at the Firehouse should do the trick. Of course, in my experience, after a night at the Firehouse, it might be hard to remember what planet you are on. Yeehaw.

Addasoup or Ad-da-sõup – Don’t try to church it up, Dirt (Richard)
Easy, peasy, Japanesey. That’s most likely what you’ll be thinking when your guests or pets (in my case) compliment you for the truly scrumptious meal you’ve provided.

Cubed chicken, tortilla chips, skirt steak, chopped onions, black beans, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, lime juice, or pick your staple southwest Tex-Mex ingredients.

Cook and season the meats ahead of time. Cut them in to 1 inch cubes or smaller.

Depending on the size you’re providing for, you’ll need anywhere between 1 and 4 quarts of low sodium chicken broth. Cook to simmer.

Place all meats, chips, cheeses, and vegetables in separate bowls with spoons, so that you may add the ingredients in as little or as much volume as you like. This holds true with the broth, too.

Set bowls on the dining room table or have it buffet style, allowing everyone to grab what they like, guaranteeing no palette unsatisfied in the room. This soup has been with my family for years, no one is sure where it came from, since we’re either Italian or German. But this light concoction is perfect for having a few or many people over on a warm Houston night.


Summer Festivus for the Restivus (Paul)
You’re going to be hard pressed to find a bigger proponent for Summer Fest than yours truly. If I’m not going to be able to attend Bonnaroo or Sasquatch or ACL – wait, I am going to ACL – then I’m going to live it up this weekend at Eleanor Tinsley Park. The only bad thing about this year is the face-offs that Summer Fest has created. The line-up isn’t staggered very well which pits acts (especially local acts) against each other from start to finish with the unfortunately short thirty minute sets that they are allotted. It’s going to be a toss-up most of the time, but let me try to steer you towards which bands I’ll be checking out.

Day One:
Wild Mocassins – 2:35 – Main Stage (Didn’t stick around for their performance at the album release party… I need to make it up to myself on Saturday)
Roky Moon & BOLT – 3:15 – 29-95.com Stage (see above)
Sideshow Tramps – 3:20 – Dos Equis Stage (I highly, highly, highly recommend these guys)
I am Mesmer – 4:25 – 29-95.com Stage (Saw them last year and saw them open for What Made Milwaukee Famous a few months back… Awesome)
Medeski Martin & Wood – 4:35 – Main Stage (Love these guys… I guess Scofield won’t be collaborating)
Come see my Dead Person – 5:35 – KTRU Stage (based solely on the name)
After running around the grounds, stick it out at the main stage for Ra Ra Riot at 6:15 (fantastic), Detroit Cobras at 8:00 (gritty, great) and Girl Talk at 8:35 (dance-a-licious).


Day Two:
Listen Listen – 11:40 – KTRU Stage (they will be well worth rising early)
Buxton – 12:15 – Dos Equis Stage (heard nothing but good things about their Discovery Green appearance)
Robert Ellis – 12:25 – Main Stage (because if I don’t, Richard will haunt me)
Giant Princess – 1:25 – KTRU Stage (after seeing them at Walter’s I wonder if they’ll bring that energy to the Summer Fest crowd)
Grandfather Child – 1:35 – Main Stage (if Giant Princess doesn’t woo me)
Uh Huh Her – 2:20 – Main Stage (loved their poster at the unveiling at Cactus Music)
Young Mammals – 2:45 – Dos Equis Stage (I’m a young mammal too)
The Energy – 3:10 – KTRU Stage (What’s in a name? I’m gonna find out.)
Once again, finishing out the day in front of the Main Stage with Lucero at 4:15 (sweet), Stars at 5:20 (gonna set myself on fire), Slim Thug & Bun B at 6:40 (obligatory Houston rap mainstays) and Flaming Lips at 8:20 (do you feel… it?).

Hopefully, I will see many of you out there (here’s the full line-up). If I don’t, you’re missing out. I can guarantee you that in advance.

Heights First Saturday (Stephan)
If this weekend’s weather cooperates you can stroll into the Heights for a day of shopping, dog adoptions, and food as the neighborhood puts on its once-a-month open house. Explore the shops on 19th Street for antiques, clothing, and trinkets, then make your way down Heights Boulevard to see some of the cutest dogs you’ll ever see available for adoption. When you’re ready to call it a day, check out one of the many restaurants that the Heights has to offer, including Glass Wall, Zelko Bistro, Stella Sola, Shade, and Pie in the Sky or you can enjoy a cup of coffee at Antidote Coffee or Crickets Creamery.

Loopster Face to Face (Paul)
Our t-shirts have been causing quite the stir lately. They are becoming the stuff of twitter legend (yes, I know that’s completely over-stating it, but I don’t care). For that reason we’re going to be giving out as many t-shirts as we possibly can on Friday. We will be at Liberty Station (2101 Washington Ave.) from 7PM until we get the itch to move on elsewhere. Come up to the newest attraction in the area… Check it out before everyone writes it off as “just another bar on Washington.” Follow our twitter feed to keep to date. Come hassle us for a t-shirt. We’ll have our Keep Houston Corporate, I Mosquito Houston, I Astronaut Houston and I 45 Houston designs in a big box just begging to find new owners. We’ll see you there.

— Marc


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