September 2nd, 2010

Procrastinator’s Plan 9.2.10

The worst part about a long weekend is the anticipation in waiting for it to get here. It seems like a month ago that Paul was telling us we were on the cusp of the an extended holiday weekend and it’s only Thursday. I don’t know about you, but one thing that the Procrastinator doesn’t like to leave to the last minute is time off. I’ll take some more of that on the double. Surprisingly enough, I’ve actually got most of the weekend planned out in advance. It’s shocking, I know, but when you’ve been waiting 9 months for football season to start, you tend to solidify your plans for opening weekend well in advance.

Urban Harvest Your Saturday Morning
Before the football festivities take over your day, like they undoubtedly will mine, why not head to the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market Eastside [3000 Richmond] or the newest site at Discovery Green? With more vendors than I can count, showcasing more products than I have uses for, there’s bound to be something of interest. Before you roll your eyes and think local markets are for hippies and cat ladies, I urge you to take the pragmatic approach here. There’s produce and products being sold, emphasis on produce. If you happen to be tailgating later on that day, or hosting your own afternoon-evening college football extravaganza, there might just be a thing or two you could pick up. Think about it.

Necessary Roughness
With the opening weekend of college football kicking off tonight, we can finally put talks of conference realignment, projected depth charts and preseason rankings to bed and play the games. Granted, my production has taken a huge hit this week as I eagerly anticipate kickoff, but that has to be expected, right? If you are a college football fan in Houston, this weekend will be nothing short of life changing. With two games scheduled within a 15 minute drive of each other, you can check out the the Texas Longhorns, a perennial power who made it to the BCS championship game last year. They’ll be in town for publicity photo shoot at Reliant Stadium against the Rice Owls. When that game gets out of hand, you can head over to Robertson Stadium and check out Heisman hopeful Case Keenum and the Houston Cougars take on FCS powerhouse Texas State. I have a good source that says Texas State is coming for blood and told me they even have a few hotshot new recruits. Our very own Tea Jones is even guaranteeing a Bobcat victory. Talk about office politics! I’m pretty secure in saying that won’t happen, but Tea can rest easy knowing that his alma mater still has the better record in the all time series with those three victories back in the 40’s.

What Not To Do
Sorry to throw a wrench in your weekend planning, but I’m trying to save you (and your ears, soul, pride, etc.). A long, long time ago in a high school not so far away, there was a boy named Richard. He was a fan of music. His life revolved around new releases every Tuesday and dragging his parents to concerts on the weekend. Life was good. That is, life went along smoothly until he met the band named Creed. Then life sucked, because as we all know, bands like Creed, Fall Out Boy, Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd (she f*cking hates you? I f*cking hate you more, I assure you) ruin any sense of harmony, creativity and rhapsody in general that a little boy might have. Richard’s grades in school sank. He tried to justify his affinity to Creed by stating that they were obviously a secular band. He spent more time trying to grasp meaning from the song “One” than he did his chores and thus the whole family fell apart. It was all because of a band named Creed. He lived under the bridge at 59 and Shepherd until I pulled up one day and brought him in out of the heat giving him the chance to start a mighty website now known as The Loop Scoop. This is my warning to you: No matter what you do, don’t attend the Creed concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion on Saturday, September 4th. The Loop Scoop will thank you. Your ears will thank you. Most importantly, your family and future self will thank you.

Port of Entry
Interested in learning a little about migration movements throughout the U.S. and understanding how Galveston played a crucial role in the immigration of this country? Moody Gardens is hosting an exhibit called Forgotten Gateway: Coming to America Through Galveston Island. Admission is $8.95 and the exhibit will be around until September 11.

— The Loop Scoop


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