November 1st, 2010

Quitting Smoking: A Training Journal (Week 2)

I’m trying to cut things down in increments of five. Now if that’s the correct way to go about this, I have no idea. A doctor did tell me that was what method my madness should take, so I’m following her advice. Amazingly, I mostly met that goal (unless I have managed to lie to myself each day, which happens to be quite likely).

Day 8 (Monday)
After smoking five cigarettes on Sunday, Monday’s attempt at 10 should have been a breeze. Not so much. With blatant disregard to my procedure, I blasted through nearly a pack of smokes. Take that, quitters!
Dalliance Count: 17

Day 9 (Tuesday)
As you get closer to that fateful day when you’ll cast all cigarettes aside, you start cherishing the remaining tobacco. Case in point, I saved my “last” cigarette for our weekly staff meeting at Antidote. Coffee, conversation and cigarettes are an unbeatable team.
Dalliance Count: 10

Day 10 (Wednesday)
Hanging out with people that know of my non-smoking plan and whom I’ve sworn not to smoke around make me a bit nervous. Being nervous only leads to me wanting to smoke more. On Wednesday night, I managed to chain-smoke two cigarettes while walking around my block in the Heights before my planned rendezvous. Unfortunately it left me one over my goal. Don’t tell nobody.
Dalliance Count: 11


Day 11 (Thursday)
The new season of kickball began on Thursday. A guaranteed two hours of non-smoking is always a good thing. The 0-4 loss was a bad thing. Luckily I was just tired enough to want to get home to find my bed instead of suggesting a round of beers to celebrate defeat.
Dalliance Count: 9

Day 12 (Friday)
Good music is always a reason to stay inside to enjoy the show rather than escape for a smoke. Chuck Prophet didn’t let me down on Friday night as I gladly flit about Continental Club snapping photos instead of ashing cigarettes. That didn’t save me from the three post-concert smokes, but oh well. It’s a Friday night and Friday nights were made for smoking.
Dalliance Count: 12

Day 13 (Saturday)
Halloween. ‘Nuff said. As a roustabout (again) I packed my costume with cigarettes and cigars. I can’t tell you how many I managed to smoke in between games of ping pong dominance and pumpkin slashing axe play, all I know is that my pack was empty when I woke up on Sunday morning. Do I get the holiday leeway? Probably not. Let’s be fair and call it a pack and a half day/night.
Dalliance Count: 30 (ouch)

Day 14 (Sunday)
Luckily I had bought an extra pack on top of my extra pack before the party on Saturday. I say “luckily” because nothing cures a hangover better than a cup of black coffee and a smoke enjoyed on the back porch.
Dalliance Count: 9

— Paul


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