April 5th, 2010

Road Show Blondes: A Travel Diary (pt. 1)

Imagine my surprise when I got an email on Sunday night from Jayme of Road Show Blondes fame. Figuring that the tweeting, adventuring, and driving would take up the lion’s share of their time, I didn’t expect to get a travel update on Easter night. Yet, here it is. Four nights documented she checks in with The Loop Scoop.


Tonight, Easter Sunday, marks the fourth night on the road for the Road Show Blondes. We are camped out (the luxury form of) in The Lofts Hotel in Downtown Columbus. In the short span of just 4 days, we’ve reached a lot of people in a lot of different towns. We have been in some of the rankest podunk towns, where it’s quite clear that overalls are STILL in style and visited some incredibly affluent areas, even dropping by Dolly Parton’s neighborhood. In our experience thus far, this trip takes the word diversity to a whole new level.

We’ve had a great time and kept our eye on the prize – raising awareness and money for The Jed Foundation. I knew all along that suicide prevention and talking about depression was going to be tough. That’s half the reason Aimee and I chose this particular organization. But this is a challenge. For four days we have reached out to people that have been more than willing to hear about our trip. They want to know where we came from, why are car looks so cool, why there is a guy following us with video cameras and WHAT we are doing. They are more than intrigued by all of this, but when the words “Suicide” and “Prevention” roll off our tongues, they get a bit standoffish. This completely confirms exactly what we all knew all along – people are terrified of this subject matter.


Based on the number of folks that have reached out to us and shared personal stories, we KNOW that depression and suicide affect many people. We know it does. It affects both of us and so many of our friends and family. But somehow, I think if we were discussing breast cancer, people on the road would be more eager to share their stories. We are still trying to break through a huge barrier of embarrassment that keep people from sharing their stories. It’s a challenge, but not one we are shying away from. Thanks for ALL the support from back home and all the support on the road (from old and new friends).

This is for Kate, for Toby, for Maggie’s dad, Monica’s grandpa, Jason, Jennifer and Shawn’s struggles, and everyone else. Send us names, send us pictures…please share ideas how the rest of this trip can be impactful…We have six more days to continue raising the awareness, letting people know NOT TO BE AFRAID, to share stories and to talk it out…and of course, to raise donations to help The Jed Foundation continue to help thousands of people that need it.

Follow the Road Show Blondes on Twitter: http://twitter.com/roadshowblondes
View their Photo Journal: http://roadshowblondes.com/photo-journal/
Donate to the Cause: http://roadshowblondes.com/challenges/

— The Loop Scoop


willie — Tuesday, April 13, 2010 8:20 am

Just read your article about flying at wessmar aerodrome. Thank you for the wonderfull things you had to say. If you are ever in the neighborhood again,
look me up. I will be more than happy to take you up in
Taz again. You two girls have made a friend here. I love
to fly, and shair the experience with others.


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