July 13th, 2010

Saint Arnold Brewery Softball Tournament: A Photo Essay

We wrote about it a bit yesterday, but we couldn’t walk away from the Saint Arnold Brewery’s softball tournament without a photo essay. Plus, there is glory to be had in our run to the championship game. Why wouldn’t we want to brag about that a little more. Our ragtag team fought through two whole games to get a chance to stand as the winner of the first ever Chicago-style softball tournament. Here’s our story through photographs and words (but mostly photographs).


The goal of every hitter: Smack one to the Saint Arnold Brewery’s door step. Number of times accomplished: Zero.


The ladies were the MVP’s of our team. Our pitcher, seen here, recorded nearly 72.3% of the outs through the first two games. That left much more idle time in the outfield for the mosquitoes to strike blood.


Look at that form. Impressive. But the backspin on the ball wouldn’t hold us down. We would score and score again and again. Kind of like our wildest dreams in college.


Notice our right fielder. Does it look like he’s paying attention? No, it does not. That’s why he’s playing right field.


Here’s Paul running the bases doing his best “raptor trying to hold in a turd” impression. Sure, it was a stand-up inside the park home run, but that doesn’t make it look any less ridiculous. In Marc’s words, “lithe and free our little flower child saunters through the fields in his piss yellow socks.”


Brian Royo of No Label Brewery, seen at the plate here, managed to hit an infield squibbler during this at bat. Trying to outrun a throw to first, he hit the turf two steps away. All he got out of it was this…


… a nice little strawberry. This reminds me of the erudite Shane Falco’s quote. “Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever.”


Classy in victory, The Loop Scoop team exits the field after vanquishing our first foe.


Taking some time off in between games. The umps were not as easy to payoff as we thought they would be. Apparently, the promise of free beer in the shadow of a brewery doesn’t do much.


Our next opponents had to be decided by tie-breaker. Saint Arnold’s chose a “dizzy bat race,” consisting of ten turns with your head on the bat and then running the bases. Fastest time won.


Against my pleas, they did not run the race simultaneously in different directions around the base paths. The increase in probable bodily harm would only increase the possible humor. People just don’t get it.


Our third baseman (basewoman?) who consistently outplayed her husband. He knew the invite was extended to him to play only so he would bring her along, but still, that’s gotta sting worse than that strawberry he got tripping over himself on the way to first.


See what I mean? This swing has “pop up” written all over it.


Do you know what this looks like? A game-winning hit. Here’s our hero from our second game with a savior’s swing. We needed to avoid that dizzy bat race and Chris kept us from that fate.


Using your best hat tilt, a la Max Patkin, does not get you to the championship game.


On a side note, Marc doesn’t know who Max Patkin is so you should wikipedia that man. He was an entertainment staple in baseball, not just the movie Bull Durham.


Strategies for softball…
Q: “How are we gonna win, coach?”
A: “Shut up and get yourself a beer.”


I’m running out of captions. Here’s a photo through the fence. Deal with it.


The only person to go yard all day. During the championship game his fielding third base was what did us in, though.


This is turning into a history of bat swings, isn’t it?


Gracious in defeat, it looks like Marc is the only one down on himself. Then again, he got himself out on a ball that he thought was foul because he wasn’t paying attention. That’s got to be embarrassing. That celebration behind us looks raucous. No, it doesn’t.


Here we are. The first losers.


The indie beer scene just got a little bit indier. One last photo-op with the newbie, No Label, and the established vet. That’s a nice shirt, don’t you think?


Proof we were in the championship game.

Once again, thank you to Saint Arnold Brewery for putting on the event. We’ll be jumping on the chance to compete the next time around. In the next tournament we’ll come better prepared. Who am I kidding… we’re going to show up to the game just as out of shape and hungover. It’s how we do business. The bad-ass business.

On Saint Arnold’s facebook page you can find even more photos (and some pretty sweet close-ups of our t-shirts). Check them out.

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— Paul


Jennifer Royo — Wednesday, July 14, 2010 9:06 am

Good times! Can’t wait till next year!

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