September 14th, 2010

Saint Arnold Scavenger Hunt: Look What I Found

Back in July, The Loop Scoop brought you our experience of the Saint Arnold Scavenger Hunt in The Week that Was.  For us, the Scavenger Hunt turned into an afternoon of beer drinking debauchery as we traveled around Midtown taking goofy pictures. While the actual hunt was a great time, there was a purpose to the running around in the Houston summer.  The culmination of this was a special, invite-only, party at the Saint Arnold Brewery, which we graciously attended in order to report back to our loyal readers.

In order to score an invitation, you had to locate six bars based on a riddle and then take your picture next to the item identified in the video.  Once the pictures were taken, they had to be uploaded and emailed to Lennie at Saint Arnold.  Then and only then would you be officially registered for the party.   Having completed all these tasks, our group made plans for our expedition to attend the party en masse.


The Newery, as it is affectionately known by Saint Arnold disciples, offers a large area to gather with friends and family. On this day, however, only those battle tested scavenger hunters were able to gain admittance by showing their scars from the hunt. (or verifying their email addresses) There were so many participants, that Saint Arnold had to offer two parties. We chose to attend the second note, hoping that it would improve our chances at winning the all mighty iPad that they offered up as a prize.

Arriving a little before 6, the brewery was already teeming with people.  Many were standing in line, waiting for the taps to open while others had claimed spaces on the long wooden benches.   A little lost, we decided to split up, so that I could stand in line and my girlfriend could secure seating.  Being in such a hurry to get to the free beerfest, we completely forgot our fancy Saint Arnold pint glasses, so I decided to purchase two Oktoberfest glasses in honor of my choice of beer for the night.  As I was in line to purchase my pints, they opened the taps, so I conveniently made my way into the beer line.  After securing an Oktoberfest and a Lawnmower, I made my way back to the seat my girlfriend was saving for me.


As I sat down, I realized that pint glasses weren’t the only thing that we had forgotten.  My stomach was telling me that I was hungry.  This was reinforced when the group sitting next to us broke open their Papa John’s pizza boxes.  You know that you’re starving when you consider punching someone in the face to take a pizza that you’d normally turn your nose up at.  I controlled my stomach and my urges and decided to concentrate on the refreshing Oktoberfest.

The fun part about the Saint Arnold set-up is that you never know who you will run into.  As we sat waiting for another group of friends to arrive, a former colleague of mine sat down across for me.  Enjoying a cold beer together gave us a chance to catch up and reconnect.

While this party was invite only, if you’re interested in heading to the brewery, they offer tours during the week from 3PM to 4PM. This means that the taps are open and you can hang out in the large beer hall while sampling some of their brews. The official tour starts at 3:30PM. They also open the beer hall on Saturday from 11AM to 2PM, with tours at noon, 1PM and 2PM.


While no one in our group managed to win the iPad, Saint Arnold definitely showed us a good time. I’d be hard pressed to decide whether the ends justified the means or the means justified the ends, but I will tell you that from the first picture at BW3’s to the last sip of Oktoberfest at the brewery, we enjoyed it. It was a great excuse to hang out with friends, hit up some cool midtown bars and drink some great Saint Arnold beer. In my book, that’s has all the makings of a good time.  If you haven’t made time to head over to the “Newery,” make plans to head over there with some friends for some great beer and a game of yahtzee.  Just don’t forget to bring some food.

— Marc


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