July 29th, 2011

Save the Date: The Inescapable WTF Moment

Just had a complete WTF moment. The guy I was dating for a little over a month calls to see if I was coming to happy hour tomorrow. We made plans, told him I’d see him tomorrow, and ended the call. Exactly two minutes later he called to dump me. Huh? Seriously that’s all I’ve got as a response. I think the biggest shock about the whole thing was that this was the guy who told me that he really saw this going somewhere.

I can’t say I’m all that upset (or I’m still in the denial phase, we’ll see). He was overly clingy (and admitted such) but I figured that we could work through any of the little things and actually make it work. He was a pretty good guy.

This whole incident left me with the following revelations:

- Even if he claims he sees a future with you, until there’s an actual ring on your finger he’s probably lying to get you in bed.

- This is eerily similar to the guy who had the DTR with me, then claimed he didn’t remember anything because he was blackout drunk and therefore everything he said wasn’t really true. What is it with guys and commitment?

- If he’s overly clingy and you are trying to find a happy medium between spending every waking second together and having your own life, you’ll probably piss him off since he isn’t getting his way. Forget your needs, they don’t matter.

- I’ve become a master at finding the unavailable ones, even if they’re too available. So again, wtf?

No one likes to admit they were dumped, but this one was too weird not to share. For all of those people who think I’m cynical, please explain to me how events like this shouldn’t shake me.

So tonight I shall feel extremely sorry for myself. Tomorrow I’m hanging with friends and maybe I’ll find another unavailable guy to date. Or who knows, maybe Mystery Man will magically appear again. More on him later, or not, knowing his track record. I’m still hoping my happy ending will come soon. I refuse to let guys like this turn me into a bitter and angry person, because that’s just self-destructive.

— X


Mike — Tuesday, August 2, 2011 9:41 am

I’ve been wondering where your articles have been for the last month.

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