December 21st, 2010

Seasonal Inventory: Fall 2010 in Review

We wouldn’t trade fall 2010 for any season in any year ever. Well, that might be overdoing it a little bit. This fall was pretty amazing considering. We added three, new, fantastic writers in Meghan, Stacy and Sarah. The dating columns we introduced by X and Master Dater (Save the Date and Dater Unknown, respectively) were a big hit. We tested out a couple new kinds of articles that are going to be staples come 2011 in the H-Town Showdown, Designated Design and Listomania to name a few.


The drinking took a bit of a hit in the fall compared to the summer swilling. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t experience our fair share of establishments serving delicious libations.

13 Celsius: Vino Done Right in the Midtown Night by Paul
Our first experience at a wine bar that we’ve written about turned out to be a welcome change from the usual beer and scotch joints. A casual yet classy wine bar in the outskirts of Midtown, 13 Celsius is a welcome change from the rest of the bars and clubs in the area.

Royal Oak Bar and Grill: Can You Keep a Secret? by Tea Jones
Taking over the old Bartini spot on Westheimer, Royal Oak is poised to become a hub in the area. Space is not a problem for the bar. Patios are everywhere. A bar on each floor. Good music over the stereo system. There is a lot right about Royal Oak and not really much wrong.

Bubba’s Sportsbar & Grill: Maximum College Football by Stacy
Fall is better known as “Football Season” for good reason. Bubba’s is exactly the kind of place that caters to the demographic that thinks we should eliminate “fall” from our vocabulary altogether. TVs stacked on top of TVs show every game imaginable as the waitresses sling out burgers and pitchers.

Rebels Honky Tonk: Eight Seconds of Infamy by Paul
Mechanical bull? Check. Dance floor? Check. Western decor? Check-o-rama. Nestled in the middle of the Washington nightlife, Rebels will endure if only because it’s so much different from its neighbors. But not in all the good ways… You’re still going to have to reach deep in your wallet to buy that Lone Star.

Fox Hollow: Retro to Refurbished by Meghan
On her first assignment, we sent Meghan into the teeth of the Houston blog community. She survived and lived to tell the tale of the newest addition to the Washington Heights’ foodie/drinkie scene.


Yes, we’ve neglected the food truck scene long enough. We finally got another under our belt and will be adding as many as we can after realizing the food is on par with any place with a table.

Lupe Tortilla: The Lime is Fine, but the Beef is Divine by Richard
It’s all about the fajitas at Lupe Tortilla. You can keep the Benjamins. We’ll take the strips of perfectly marinated beef stacked onto cheese and pico laden tortillas. The best thing about Lupe is, you’re never too far from one of their locations.

Moon Tower Inn: Beers and Brats with a Backyard Vibe by Stephan
The photos taken by Stephan in this article do not lie. The brats that Moon Tower Inn is serving up are as good as they look. Take your pick of the exotic dogs, enjoy some beer on tap and throw around the horseshoes. You’re bound to have a good time and double up on your order.

Star Pizza: Gastronomic Heaven by Richard
It has been a staple for a long time, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to reiterate some Star Pizza love. Wheat or white. Deep dish or thin crust. Just pick your favorite combinations and you’re sure to be in for a treat.

Laredo Taqueria: The Gateway Taco by Marc
When we published this article someone came up to me and said, “FINALLY!” We couldn’t agree more. Laredo Taqueria is one of those places that just begs for you to compare it to a similar place knowing that it will come out on top. Marc sure thought so. The rest of us agree.

Bernie’s Burger Bus: An After School Special by Stephan
Shane Battier is commonly referred to as the smartest player in the NBA. You have to assume that his choice in personal chef is going to be well-informed. When Justin Turner moved on to explore his dream of food truck dominance, Stephan followed him to Lizzard’s to check it out.

The Counter: A Burger Dissertation by Marc
A chain invading the Washington Corridor? You don’t say… Marc stopped by the new burger spot and came away with some mixed feelings. Maybe you’ve had a better or worse experience…

A Visit to Juilia’s Bistro by Stephan
How many times have you passed by Julia’s Bistro without stopping in for a meal? That’s exactly what Stephan thought when he decided to finally check it out. He walked away with a good feeling, especially in his stomach. Maybe you should follow in his footsteps.


We lost our art writer to New York City. If you’re interested in stepping in give us a shout at We’d love to keep on writing about the art events in town, especially if you’re the one doing the writing.

Houston Street Art: The Wild Styles by Paul
Finally, the third and final installment of the Houston street art scene made its way to publication. The reaction was mixed, especially from inside the graffiti community. Oh well. You win some, you lose some, you get threatened with bodily harm with some others…

Christopher P. Turner: An Interview with the Artist by Tea Jones
Inspiration is around every corner. Artists know that. We know that, especially after we get to interview one for The Loop Scoop. Tea Jones walked away from his interview with Turner boasting about how cool it was and how driven it made him. That’s a good sign.

Street Art of the Week by The Loop Scoop
The street is our gallery. This fall we started documenting weekly street art encounters. Join in the fun.


Like we said before, the dating columns have been a great addition to our content. But we covered some pretty sensitive topics in our Op/Ed articles this season. Including… ZOMBIES! Yeah!

Listomania: Top Ten Drinks that Make a Bartender Cringe by Tea Jones
Lists… they’re what make the interwebz turn. Tea Jones hit this one out of the park. A vodka drink at Anvil? Puh-lease! You betta’ check yo’self.

Houston: A Refuge from the Zombie Apocalypse? by Stephan
Watching The Walking Dead on AMC will lead you to start pondering some pretty interesting things, namely whether or not Houston can be your refuge from the undead. We think yes. Definitely.

Johnston and Finnegan Brawl: Fighting the Good Fight by Paul
When Andre Johnson landed three uppercuts on Cortland Finnegan an entire stadium gave him a standing ovation. Was it right? Oh, hell yes. Who cares if it was being a bit contradictory to what we believe in. Show some fight, Texans.

A Guide to Dating Online by Stacy and Paul
This article turned out to be a big hit, but why wouldn’t it? When  you take some shots at H-Date, AshleyMadison and CatholicMatch you’re not going to miss. The helpful (possibly) tips to dating online definitely got the attention of Houston.

The Dos, Don’ts and Maybes of Houston Driving by Stephan
It’s a jungle out there. A concrete jungle of dashed white lines and ignored exit signs. Stephan tries to help you out with some tips on how to survive on our Houston freeways.

Fancy Brews for Poor Taste by Richard and Tea Jones
Go-To Brews: A High Salute to Low Standards by Richard and Tea Jones
This hilarious one-two punch by Richard and Tea Jones was just what the doctor ordered… if the doctor would dare order you to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon or Heineken. They take an in depth look at what kind of people drink what kinds of beer.

Changing Airport Security on Our Own by Stephan
Stephan has probably flown more for fun the during the fall than you’ve ever flown in your life. He knows a thing or two about airports, security and frequent flyer miles. That being said, when he gets up in arms over body-scanners, you should probably follow suit.

Good Grief: An Ode to Agora by Paul
We’re still not over the destruction of a favorite Houston coffee shop. That’s ok though. They’re supposed to open back up soon. We can’t wait.

Friday Four Cents: A Tribute by Marc
A few of us got a little misty eyed when Case Keenum went down for the season with an injury. Marc just completely lost his composure. He didn’t answer the phone for weeks. He was inconsolable. What a sad day…

Save the Date by X
Since she started, X has had the spot marked. From Sweetest Day to discussing your number with your new boyfriend/girlfriend, each column has been dripping with the necessary vitriol to sustain itself on The Loop Scoop.

Dater Unknown by Master Dater
Let me tell you a story… Actually, let Master Dater tell the story. There will be laughs, tears and jeers by the time you’re finished reading through one of her tales of dating. That’s what we’ve come to expect and so should you.

— The Loop Scoop


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