September 21st, 2010

Seasonal Inventory: Summer 2010 in Review

We haven’t done a recap article yet, so we’re not really sure how this will work out. “Oh, silly staff at The Loop Scoop, we don’t want to be reminded of what you’ve already written,” is, quite possibly, going through your head. Fair enough, but we’ve got some time to kill and if you do too let’s take a trip down memory lane… if memory lane dead ends on June 21st.


We were a little bar heavy during the summer, but cold beer has been medically proven to lessen the effects of hot, humid, Houston days and nights. We’re not doctors around here, so we just have to take their word for it.

Liberty Station: Red, White and Cool by Marc
It’s safe to say that this has turned into one of our favorite bars on the Washington strip. A good rotation of beers, crafted cocktails and a fashionably vintage interior are some high selling points for us.

Shady Tavern: Biker Bars and Other Strange Decisions by Tea Jones
Ever taken your ten-speed from Montrose to the Heights and and back while drinking your weight in beer. The Guinness Book doesn’t have a category for this accomplishment, but it should.

Beer Island: Warm Welcome on a Hot Afternoon by Richard
Witnessing the Houston Scooter Battalion was only one of the perks of grabbing a seat at Beer Island. This Heights ice house made an impression from the first cold sip until the last warm drop of sweat that fell from the brow.

Washington Ave Drinkery: Beach Volleyball via Parking Lot by Marc
Poor sports may have ruined our chances to become volleyball champions, but there’s something to be said about enjoying a Corona while being caked with sand. One of life’s simple pleasures.

Sugarcane: When Life Gives You Lemons… by Paul
Are “organic” bars allowed to have leather couches? Something about that didn’t really feel right. We do have a feeling that this bar will still be considerably more popular than Corkscrew, its predecessor.


At one point this year we were accused of being burger-centric. Well, we were/are and we don’t have a problem with that. Do you? Our arteries may contest, but we’ve never listened to them anyway.

Sprinkles Cupcakes: Give in to Your Cravings by Robin
Did another cupcakery need to open up in Houston? Why the heck not?! The more the merrier and make sure not to hold the frosting.

Hubcap Grill: More Meat Sweats by Stephan
The quickest way to Stephan’s heart is either by way of making fun of hipsters or a perfect burger. Hubcap Burger filled one of those voids this summer, do you have what it takes to fill the other?

La Casita: Texico Borders Friendswood and Pearland by Richard
We should point out we published with “Boarders” in the headline originally. We’re not proud of that, but we are very proud of the Tex-Mex that La Casita offers.

Gatlin’s Barbecue: Food in the Family by Stephan
The number of good barbecue joints in Houston is not relative to the number of total.  They are few and far between. Luckily Gatlin’s is one of the beautiful minority.

Jenni’s Noodle House: Knowing Noodle and Neighbor Equally by Richard
Jenni’s popped up in the Heights and Richard popped in for his first taste of the growing, Houston chain. Give him some Art Car Curry on his next visit and I’m sure he’ll die a happy man.

This has turned into more of a category about the live music itself. That seems to be all right by you. We managed to get a few concerts documented and under our belt during the summer.


The Psychedelic Furs at Warehouse Live by Alex
A show that appealed to both the young and the old fans. Opened by She Wants Revenge, the Psychedelic Furs lived up to the closing act with their classic hits and new cover songs.

Keane at Warehouse Live by Alex
Straight from Britain, Keane has amassed quite the following over the last three albums they’ve released. Houston came out in droves to see the rockers from across the sea.

The Happen-Ins at Rudyard’s by Paul
Mike and the Moonpies joined forces with the Happen-Ins to take on the small venue at Rudyard’s. Paul left only to wake up the next day to purchase the album. Must have been a pretty great show.

Our gallery writer, Afrodet skipped town this summer. We decided to take things in a different direction viewing the street as our gallery. Enough artists in town have been doing it, so we figured we couldn’t be too far from a hot spot. We were right. The street is where its at.


Houston Street Art: A Photo Essay by Paul
The first article that started the trend Paul couldn’t give up. An encounter with some of 2:12’s work on Studemont was the beginning of something that defined our summer.

Houston Street Art: The Wheat Pastes by Paul
With artists like Garro, 2:12, Give Up and Shreddi defining the “wheate paste scene” in Houston, it’s easy to get caught up with looking for art instead of watching the road.

Houston Street Art: The Stencils by Paul
Coolidge has made quite the name for himself with his boston terriers, sea turtles and dinosaur stencils. Don’t forget about Give Up and Cutthroat’s work though. Then again, how could you forget it.

Not everything we do is for the good of the cause of the major categories in our header.  We write some articles just because we have to get something off our chest or it’s worth covering. They have little categories over there in the sidebar that don’t get as much love as the major categories. Click them. They’re lonely.


Ironman Texas: Do or Do Not, There Is No Tri by Jeff
Don’t forget, Ironman Texas happens in May of 2011. You better get the training started.

Saint Arnold Brewery Softball Tournament: A Photo Essay by Paul
The Loop Scoop amassed a team fit for the championship of the softball tournament, but couldn’t muster a win in the final game. Redemption will be ours next time. Run and tell that, homeboy.

Entrepreneur Camp Houston: An Interview with Brian Truax
Stephan made it out to Entrepreneur Camp, but we were most thankful for Brian Truax stopping by to answer a few questions about the event. A lot was learned on both counts.

Friday Four Cents: Wally World by Marc
The Heights is fighting the proposed Walmart. Marc is on the side of justice. Justice, by the way, is on the side of not getting a Walmart forced in the historic neighborhood.

H-Town Showdown: Sugarcane vs. Anvil Bar & Refuge by Paul and Tea Jones
Sometimes you learn something new even when you’re writing. In this case, Paul and Tea assumed that Anvil would be a runaway victor in this competition, but a number of people opting not to vote at all made the writers wonder if Anvil had fallen a bit from grace.

Fall? I’m Still Sweating by Stephan
Why must you put pumpkins in your windows? The heat hasn’t gone yet nor the humidity. Stephan wants to know why you’re forcing Halloween upon him.

Spartan Race Training Journal
We would admit that this is a satirical record, but there’s no telling if Richard, Paul and Tea Jones‘ collaboration is real or fake. We wouldn’t put anything past those three.

Dear Houston by Tea Jones
When we asked Tea to come on board, we didn’t really expect that he had such a close relationship with Houston. They’re on a first name basis. “Dear Houston” is a collaboration between man and city. Sometimes it makes you mad. Other times it makes you laugh. All in all, it makes you think.

Friday Four Cents: Fun, Fair and Positively Obnoxious by Paul
America already doesn’t like soccer. Some people in the Houston area are trying to increase the rage against the world’s sports machine by creating Fun Fair Positive Soccer. That’s right! No commas!!

— The Loop Scoop


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