May 15th, 2012

SPIN8: Put a Tree On It! One Night Exhibition and Summer Party at HCP

A single act can change the course of a life. We’ve heard this enough. But how do we actually go about making a single act in order to make a difference? Well, here is a grand opportunity that may allow just that. HCP (Houston Center of Photography) is teaming up with Trees for Houston, a non-profit organization dedicating to planting, protecting, and promoting trees, to re-create their annual summer party, called SPIN8.

Each year, HCP explores a different theme and create an exhibition of photos taken by the public. This year, the theme is to bring attention to a tree, your tree, many trees or, in more particular, our Houston trees. It’s not hard to believe that trees are important and so essential in our lives. Trees produce oxygen, filters the air from pollution, provides shade, create a cooling effect, and check this, trees will increase your property value by 15% or more. And by any means, we’re not asking you to plant a tree to fight against global warming! We’re only encouraging you to act upon promoting attention to our Houston trees in need.


In order for HCP to create this exhibition, they need your tree photos from which they will create a collage of trees in their main gallery. These images will speak to the public, and bring awareness. Get inspired! Send in your close-ups of leaves, bark, roots, explore different perspectives, texture, compositions of solo trees, groups of trees, anything that you find appealing of a tree. Experiment, and celebrate the wonders of the environment we need to cherish.

Houston Center for Photography
1441 West Alabama
Houston, TX 77006

When: Friday, June 29, 2012, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Food: GoodDogHotDog
Drink: Free Beer from Real Ale Brewing
Music: Gracie Chavez and much more!

Bring your printed images the night of the party to be included OR email and HCP will print 2 photos to include. Images must be submitted by June 27th. For more information on submissions, please visit the following website:

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