March 17th, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day: A Loopster “How To” Guide

Plenty of you have already made plans to celebrate Ireland’s gift to the drinkers of the world. Actually, there are some that have already begun the festivities. To them, we bid Slainte and turn our attention to the undecided Loopsters.

Partying for Saint Patrick’s Day is a relatively simple art form, but it’s easy to overlook some of the intricacies. That’s why we’re here. The Loop Scoop is all about pulling back the veil on Houston and kissing the Irish right out of her.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1) Cut a hole in a box.
2) Put your junk… Wait a second. Wrong Step-By-Step.

Let’s try that again…

St. Patty’s Day is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:
Wear Green – Nobody likes a non-conformist. Appease the masses and pull out that kelly green t-shirt you save for special occasions or fear the wrath of pinchers everywhere. Bonus points your article of clothing is a bowler.
2) Pick a Pub With Green Drinks – This should be a simple task given that even the Irish Pubs in town will surely be dropping food coloring in their suds. Even if you’re planning on avoiding the St. Patty’s Day debauchery up at Anvil you can still order Stingers all night. The refreshing green cocktail will keep you in the spirit.
Gather Your Brethren (Inform Them of Steps #1 and #2) – Today is not a day for drinking alone. Save that for Christmas Eve. Get your friends together, get your plan ready, and attack the night. There is power in numbers (and you might even be able to get the drunkest of the group to buy rounds of drinks until the wee hours of the morning).
4) Drink, Practice Irish Accent, Kiss Her (She’s Irish), Repeat – With steps one through three under your belt it’s time to stop thinking and just let the night take you as it’s sure to do. Grab a Harp, Smithwick’s or Guinness and tip them back until you can’t feel any other feelings but the warmth of the Irish.

See? I told you it was easy.

What? You’re still confused? Well, let’s get down to business. Let’s see what we might have for some Loopster Approved St. Patrick’s Day parties. There will be a cover at all of these locations so make sure to get a little cash before heading out. In fact, withdrawing greenbacks in preparation for the “cash-only,” secondary bars for all of these venues is a good idea.


Griff’s Shenanigans
The party at this Irish bar near the heart of Montrose started promptly at 9:00AM. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Dedication is exactly what you need on a day like today. Live music will be gracing your ears all day long with the last band taking the stage at 10:00PM. The headliner for the party is a Houston band named Pale. I’ve seen Calvin Stanley play a solo set before and he’s definitely worth checking out again. Apparently they’re in the midst of signing a new record contract, so check them out at the show at Griff’s before they go “big time” and start selling out arenas.

Why You Should Go:
- Live Music All Day/Night Long- Green Beer
- Front and Back Patios Along With Large Indoor Space = Not Too Cramped
- Parking Lot Will Be Tented and Cordoned Off = A Second Full Bar

Find the Details:
- Website
- Google Map

Under the Volcano
Though it’s not an Irish pub, Volcano has quite the enticing St. Patrick’s Day offer. Chuck Prophet will be playing live on the very intimate “stage” of the bar. Before taking on Austin and SXSW, Prophet and his band The Mission Express are taking his unique style of folk rock to Houston. My bet is that there will be just as many people at Under the Volcano to see the band as there will be to celebrate the holiday. That could be a good deal for anyone wanting to get out of the house tonight, but wanting to avoid too much debauchery. No matter what, the music and the company will have you grooving the night away (show starts around 7:00PM).

Why You Should Go:
- Acclaimed National Act on an Awesomely Small Stage
- Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a Bar Dedicated to Dia de los Muertos
- Tiny Venue Might Keep the Riff-Raff Out
- Party in the Parking Lot

Find the Details:
- Website
- Google Map

The Harp
The Irish Pub on Richmond Avenue will be opening at noon to accommodate the nuevo-Irish crowd today. They will be serving food all day long which is quite the treat for as they don’t have a kitchen normally. There’s nothing like a little sustenance to take the edge off of that Guinness buzz when you have a healthy six hours of drinking left. The Harp will also be treating you with the Houston folk act of Lisa Novak. The last time I caught Novak and her band was at the First Saturday Arts Market in the Heights. Even in the middle of the day she had the crowd bobbing and swaying along with her chord progressions. Truly great stuff.

Why You Should Go:
- Support a Local Folk Singer
- Huge Patio and Parking Lot Leaving Plenty of Room for Everyone
- Beer Stations Outside, Full Bar Inside, Shots All Night Long
- Did I Mention Lisa Novak?
- Bagpipers Will Make an Appearance (Awesome)

Find the Details:
- Website
- Google Map

There has been a LED countdown to St. Patrick’s day at Kenneally’s for the last few months. Can you blame them? This is like they’re Black Friday. Kenneally’s will probably make their entire profit for the year on this single day. They had set up their tents for the parking lot by the time Monday rolled around. Can you say “excited much?” They boast live music and entertainment including bagpipers. Park at the car wash just down the street or find a spot on the street behind the bar just to be safe. The PetCo across Shepherd usually tows.

Why You Should Go:
- Central Location
- Green Drink
- Best Guinness Pour (Plus a Clover)
- Because They’re So Darn Excited!

Find the Details:
- Website
- Google Map

Molly’s Pub
If you plan on trying your luck downtown, head to Molly’s Pub. Tucked in between the lounges and clubs that clutter Main St., Molly’s is still a haven for people looking for one thing, to get drunk, just like the irish! Whether you want to throw darts, shoot pool or just sit at the bar and drink your beer, Molly’s has got you covered. Whether you’re Irish or not, Molly’s welcomes everyone. It will be one of the less crowded spots to celebrate and if you get too drunk, you can always ride the metro rail home (if you live on Main St.) or at least until you’re sober. There will be bagpipes and men in kilts and live music and you can always head up to the second floor balcony and survey all that is before you. Like true Irishmen, they’ll get started early, so head over for a liquid lunch and take the rest of the afternoon off. It’s what St. Patrick would have done.

Why You Should Go:
- It’s Downtown, so just sneak out of work early
- It’s an Irish Pub, so they have good beer
- Fun Times on the Metro Rail
- You can throw Four Leaf Clover beads off the balcony at unsuspecting people on the street

Find the Details:
- Website
- Google Map

— Paul


texhuf — Wednesday, March 17, 2010 4:36 pm

Last minute change to the headlining band at Griff’s. Pale will actually go on at 8:30. Be there or be green…wait – be there AND be green! Enjoy!

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