February 28th, 2012

Staff Notes and Photos: And Das Boot, Hunger Got

Loopsters, we have to thank you for the response for last week’s “Live Action Where’s Pauldo.” It was successful far beyond what we had imagined. Honestly, if we had only received three or four cans to pass along to Kids’ Meals Houston, we would have been happy. We ended up with an entire tub of goodies (including one pound of coffee… because kids grow up so fast these days) to turn over to the non-profit.

[Cross Section of Your Donation, Loopsters]

Also we need to thank you, Bar Munich, for hosting our food drive and Loopster crowd. We won’t forget you the next time we rally the troops for happy hour.

Thanks, Houston. We gave Hunger “Das Boot” real stern-like.

— Paul


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