November 15th, 2011

Staff Notes and Photos: “Being Flynn”

As far as memoirs are concerned, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City is as entertaining and emotional as they come. Written by Nick Flynn, the book chronicles his life and thoughts of an absentee father and conman who weaves into and out of his life in letters and random meetings. It’s a brutally honest catharsis. It’s now being turned into a movie.

Behold, Being Flynn starring Robert DeNiro and Paul Dano:

While the story takes place mostly in Boston, we mention it as part of this Houston blog because of our new appreciation of the motion pictures (Read: Houston Makes the Movies). Nick Flynn is a part-time teacher in the University of Houston’s Creative Writing Program.

So there you have it. Coming from a website with a number of would-be authors on board, we’re endorsing a book as well as the movie to be released in Spring 2012 by Focus Features. That’s our “note” for the week.


— Paul


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